The Philipine Heart Center (PHC) hospital is a tertiary care center
established in 1975. It caters to various medical and surgical hospital
services and boasts of its Pulmonology Department.


The specialists in the Pulmonology Department provide extensive
consultative, diagnostic and therapeutic services for patients with illnesses
that affect the lungs and breathing. Cutting-edge technology in the field of
pulmonary medicine is used to provide excellent quality of care to outpatients
and inpatients. The services offered are:


Bronchoscopic diagnosis and treatment

Intensive care services for management and treatment of the critically

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Pulmonary rehabiliation such as Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing

Evaluation and treatment of Sleep disorders


Clinical expertise and research are integrated to provide the best care
available while advancing the science of pulmonary and critical care medicine
for the future.


The PHC started its Pulmonary and Critical Care Fellowship Training in
1976 and is the first training center for both Adult and Pediatric Pulmonology.
The founding of this training program began under the leadership of Dr.
Teresita S. De Guia. It is proud to be the only institution in the country to
be offering a 3-year trainining program in the field; accepting only diplomates
of the PCP to train as fellows. The first two years are devoted to prime and
mold the trainees in basic pulmonary and critical care medicine. The third year
of training was designed to hone leaders in becoming the forefronts in Clinical
Research in either Bronchoscopy, Critical Care, Rehabilitation or Sleep
Medicine. It is the mission of the faculty to ensure that each fellow pursues
subspecialization that matches their interests and prepare them for a
successful career. Regardless of the pathway selected, fellows receive
mentorship, have access to world class hands-on and didactic training and have
the opportunity to participate in career development activities.



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