The Americans didn’t like how they were moving

The Western Expansion was a big storm for Native Indian Tribes; it was a storm that would change everything they once knew and touched. When the European Americans came to America in 1492, they first started small and stayed in one place to build themselves up. Soon after the growth and wealth they acquired, came the belief “Manifest of Destiny”. The “Destiny”was that God gave the Americans the right to go explore the Pacific region.(“Manifest of Destiny”) It was that this belief  in the 1800’s is what led to the Western Expansion. While exploring the Pacific, the Americans came into many conflicts with the Natives. One major problem was with the land. Some Natives were traditionally nomadic, moving across the land was part of their tradition. The Americans didn’t like how they were moving and not staying in one place because the land they were treading across could be used for making crops or building railroads. Also some Americans think they were just wandering through life and felt like they should help them learn the way of modern civilization.(“Our finished essay”) Another conflict was how the Native Indians followed the buffalo for food and mostly for everything in their lifestyle. When the Americans kept building and expanding they messed up the habitat for the buffalo, leading to some of the Indian tribes to stop being nomadic because they depended on the buffalo. The Western Expansion led to the Native Indians being put into certain spots called “Reservations”. These reservations were supposed to be a solution to keep the Natives and Americans away from conflicting. This only ruined the culture of the Indians and this made them rebellious. The Indians showed they finally had enough during the Battle of the Little BigHorn for example. The Americans had broke their treaty for gold that was found near the Indian reservation, only to be defeated by the neighboring indians; the Lakota Sioux and Cheyenne warriors.(“Battle of the Little BigHorn”) After this, the United States made constant treaties with other tribes to “keep conflict down’ only to go behind their back for various reasons.(“Our finished Essay”) Even though the battles happened, the Indians still welcomed the Americans with open arms to their culture.