The American society has many special characteristics. Its 2 most special characteristics are: believing in the individual’s freedom and the equality between all people. Those characteristics make the American society allow each individual to make his contribution to the society. This essay is going to examine the American society and the role it allows for each individual to contribute to it. It will also examine how other countries with different ideologies (especially Middle Eastern countries) deal with their citizens and residents.

The American Society and the Role It Allows for Each Individual to Contribute to It The main principle in the American lifestyle is freedom. Everybody is his own master. He can choose whatever he wants to do in his life. Everybody has the right to make his own decision by himself without any kind of pressure from some other person, organization or even the government. But this freedom doesn’t include the freedom of violating people’s rights. The main concern in the American society is the individual, not the government. In some other societies in the world, the individual’s freedom is considered a big threat to community.

The individual must be committed to certain traditions. Many times if someone does something unfamiliar he can be considered insane, and the police may even arrest him. Those societies are concerned about traditions, not the individual. The main job of the government in the American society is providing services that individuals cannot provide like police, security and the courts. The government is at the service of citizens. Citizens are considered a more powerful authority than the government. In some other countries the case is the exact opposite.

The government controls everything and doesn’t serve citizens as it should. The governments in these countries pass legislations that don’t fit with citizens’ needs. In the same time, there are problems in the public services that those governments present. The American society allows everyone from different genders, races, and religions to contribute to the community without any kind of discrimination. Everybody has equal chances to serve the society in his own way. People from different countries are welcomed to become U. S. citizens. There are no restrictions on education, employment or marriage.

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If someone is wealthy or is in a high social level, that doesn’t give him the right to receive special treatment. In some other societies, every little difference is a reason for discrimination. The individual’s gender can make him eligible for certain privileges or jobs. These societies don’t feel comfortable about the diversity within one society. Sometimes they judge over other races without investigation. Also, in some countries the residents become ineligible for having national IDs if they are from small religious minorities. Foreigners don’t enjoy equal chances in education, employment, or marriage.

Being a rich can make the individual receive special treatment. Sometime just being a friend or a relative of someone who has power can be an enough reason for receiving special treatment. The American society gives everyone the chance to work in policy. Every American citizen has the right to run for congress, mayor or even president regardless of his race, religion or gender. What the American society cares about is the performance and nothing else. In some other countries, it is not allowed for anyone to work in policy unless he is an original citizen.

Citizenship cannot be acquired if only one parent is native, but both parents must be native. Usually becoming a politician (especially the ruler of the country) is something exclusive for the rulers’ families. The American society gives each individual the chance to express his own opinions. This freedom allows individuals who have useful experiences to share them with the public. Expressing opinion is not faced by persecution, arresting or fines because the American lifestyle is based mainly on the individual’s freedom.

In other countries, expressing a simple opinion or even talking about a fact can cause a public rage as long as it’s against local traditions (like talking about sex in the Middle East). The rage can drive people to commit murders. The American society allows individuals to contribute in charity works. Charity organizations are available out there and anyone can contribute voluntarily. Charity organizations want to make it easy for donators to donate; they can even give people the ability to donate online using credit cards or e-currencies.

Animal shelters are also available for anyone who wants to adopt a pet and in the same time save money that can be spent on a new pet. In some other countries, the image is totally reversed. There is a lack of charity organizations, and even the very few number of charity organizations doesn’t receive enough donations. Also, there is no kind of animal shelters in these countries because the society thinks that providing building shelters for animals is useless and wastes money, efforts and time. Conclusion

This essay showed how the American society is unique. It gives everybody equal chances to contribute to it. The most important thing that a society must have is an enough space of freedom for individuals. The government shouldn’t try to intervene in any activity if its intervention is not necessary. Freedom must be accompanied with total equality between people. There must be more focus from individuals, organizations and individuals on charity. The American society opens the door for individuals to contribute to it in a positive way.


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