Erasmus program enables international mobility to university students, to get
the chance to study in another European country in addition to a grant that
helps in the cost during their mobility. So, there are many motives behind
students applying to this program.

1.1. Motives:

may travel, live and discover new places, since waiting for a long time to do all
of these, it will get more complicated by finding themselves stuck into a
routine, not being able to leave because of work, not having enough money or
held back by a family and so on. So this mobility gives everyone an opportunity
to discover new culture, places, friends and enjoying traveling and gaining
experience (Groza 2017). For
instance, students have the opportunity to learn new language. Spending three
months or more in a new country is a chance to enhance your language skills.
Universities will offer for international students free language classes, or
you can learn by communicating to the local people, also by teaching them your
national language in return if they are interested (Serban
2015).Moreover, Every Erasmus student receives a financial support during the mobility, which depends on the home country and
country destination, based on the average of the living cost in the specific
country. Also, this grant helps the student in his expenses, even though it
will not cover all his expenses but it will make his mobility an affordable
study experience (Groza 2017).Furthermore, from an academic point of view Erasmus program offer
for the students an additional educational experience, every student
will have wider employment opportunities after graduation in his future and
boost their CV’s. Since, they will gain an educational and cultural experience,
and enhance their CV’s. Consequently, nowadays there is a lot of employers will
choose graduates, who have a kind of international experience ( Stott

2.2 Challenges
and Barriers:

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the other hand, comparing to another countries the
Lebanese have the lowest number applicants in the Erasmus plus program, due the challenges
and barriers facing them abroad. In the First place language troubles, that most students struggling abroad is communication.
It’s a language barrier, by facing difficulties in understanding an accent or
being too shy to talk, communication in a new country can be difficult for
them. In addition to language troubles in communication with local people,
because of low level in English knowledge (especially trouble in shops, at a
bus station).At the same time, getting used to currency differences is also a challenging process for the
Lebanese students. Currency differences are one of those things that really
hurt if they are staying for a semester or more, since some students spend
euros as if they were dollars. In addition to large number of students don’t
know about the study grant that they will receive from the Erasmus program, and
it will make a great help during their Erasmus period (Ellett). In addition, many students do not know the local culture
and all the rules in the new country that they are visiting. Many students make
many mistakes, so they will feel embarrassed and misunderstanding the local
culture. Also, the ways that thing are done in the new countries are extremely
different from the ways the students do in their home countries, the culture,
the atmosphere and the people all are different (Kapur 2017).However,
regardless what country the student is going to, it’s almost to feel like he
will end up feeling like an outsider. He will find himself wondering why
everything is different, or why everyone is laughing, when he don’t even
realize what is the joke.  For the first
time every student will feel uncomfortable or unwanted and trying to grip with
the new culture norms (bridgestocks 2013).


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