The life experience that has pushed me to study and take a strong interest into Kinesiology was when I sustained a sports injury and went through physical therapy.  My physical therapy experience wasn’t a good one but it made me look into future careers.  I never wanted to go into the medical field but this seemed like something I could strongly relate to.  I had loved ones who suffered great injuries that put them into physical therapy as well.  Just listening to their stories made me even more fascinated.  So I started my research and fell in love with the field.  Then I decided to enroll into college and major in Kinesiology.  I’m interested in getting my doctrine in the health related field for physical therapy and occupational therapy.  I’m interested in this field because of my past run-in with physical therapy and going through the process of regaining balance, strength, mobility, and healthier training.  When I began my research I read all about the different components of treating people with all kinds of injuries and how each treatment is unique to injury plus the person. When doing my research I spoke with my loved ones asking about their treatments and in hearing that, I grew more intrigued after hearing about the different stretches for strengthening muscle, learning how to walk again, in some cases, and how not to overcompensate. It wasn’t just listening about the different treatments that captivated me but the equipment that physical therapists use as well, for example the body weight support treadmill for orthopedic physical therapy, electric pulse stimulation and hydrotherapy.         The academic path I’d be embarking on stated on provides the steps in becoming a physical therapist and it starts with earning my bachelor degree in a health related field. Second would be to complete a doctor of physical therapy degree program. Third would be to meet the state’s licensing requirements. The fourth step would be to enter and complete an optional residency.  In doing this step it would provide additional training and experience in the specialty area of care.  The final and most vital step would be to obtain a board certification and pass the exam.  In order to become a certified physical therapist I would have to complete at least 2,000 hours of clinical work or through a board approved residency program in my area of speciality.         The resources I could utilize now at Cuesta are to take the recommended courses for my degree. According to the Kinesiology homepage on the Cuesta website, states ” students must complete each of their major-specific course required for the degree and have at least a “C” grade or better, complete all Cuesta College general education, graduation and, residency programs, achieve an overall grade point average of a 2.0 for all courses attempted and finally, to submit an Associate’s Degree Application to admissions and records.”  Other opportunities available on the Cuesta College campus are career opportunities such as sport and athletic management, coach and scout recruiter, exercise physiologists, fitness trainers and group fitness professionals, physical therapy and sports medicine, along with recreation and fitness studies teachers.  Opportunities that are offered at the school and by professors should always be taken.  In taking the recommended courses and prerequisites the school offers will give me a head start in my future path along with doing volunteer work and getting internships to add experience to begin my path to be a physical therapist.         This is how Kinesiology and I fit together and why I would like to be a physical occupational therapist. Citation Page Page 1, paragraph 2:    How to become a physical therapist: Physical therapy schools and careers. Page 2, paragraph 2:   Gives a general description, provides a description to Associate Degree and Certificate programs, career opportunities and the types of degrees and certificates associated with this field.  


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