The monomyth is found throughout a wide range of different works of literature with different protagonists completing their own individual transformation. Anyone, male or female, can undergo this process that can be found within various works. According to Jung, the archetypes represent important motifs of our experience as we evolved over time. That is why they evoke a strong emotional response and feature in myths from all over the world (Jung 16). Archetypal patterns such as, ego, self, shadow, collective unconscious, and conscious can be shown throughout diverse stories, influence the hero as he travels on his journey.  The pattern of monomyth has lasted for thousands of years and has not faded into history. The idea of a hero going on a journey into the unknown is appealing to people years ago to present day, allowing for the storyline of monomyth to continue for ages. Recreating and functioning with different types of people or journeys a hero must take allows for the monomyth to continue. The intriguing stories allow for authors to continue to create and make new stories, hooking people with the monomythic structure. The hero’s journey can be seen throughout some of the most popular films, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Moana, Frozen, and Remember the Titans. All of these stories include a hero, that changes for the better, to either help themselves, their friends, or society. The most popular monomyth of 2013 and still today in 2018 is the disney movie Frozen. The hero in this journey is, Anna who has been separated in her room from Elsa in their castle. Elsa, is completely isolated from her sister Anna, who dislikes living alone without a sister that she can’t bond with. The call to adventure begins when Elsa escapes to the north mountain and loses control of her powers sending the world, into an eternal winter. Anna believed that if she found Elsa, the winter would be over. On her journey up north mountain, Anna meets her mentor Kristoff. She convinces Kristoff to help her and he teaches her about survival and teaches her common sense. The supernatural aid she meets is Olaf, a snowman who helps Anna stay on her journey. Olaf and the Trolls These magical creatures were really helpful for Anna throughout her journey, both giving her advice. Then Anna crosses the threshold, Anna finally gathered up the courage to talk to Elsa and entered her castle on the top of North Mountain. Following this is the refusal of the return because Elsa doesn’t think she can stop the winter, she refuses to return to the kingdom because she believes people will not accept her. Elsa accidentally struck Anna, causing her heart to freeze. Only love can save her her from freezing solid. Anna’s destine husband falls in love with Hans the first day she meets him, but when she needs him most, he doesn’t help her. He played her and she didn’t realize it. Preparation after her long journey to find Elsa only to be turned down, she realizes her heart may freeze without an act of true love. She gets to Hans who ditches her and she and the world seem to be completely frozen over. On the road of trials stage, Hans, her future husband, almost kills Anna and then attempts to kill Elsa. The ultimate boon occurs when Anna sacrificed her life to save Elsa from Hans trying to kill her. But because it was an act of love, she survived. The Anna as well as summer. Both were reborn.  Anna and Elsa rebuild their kingdom together and decide to keep the gates open forever, mastering the modern world and wizardry. Allowing them to live free and return to their normal lives. Though the monomyth is present in most movies, it also very prevalent in different genres of books, fiction or nonfiction.The book, The Maze Runner, shows the journey of Thomas finding out where he came from and how he got to where he was. Thomas’s call to adventure begins he first wakes up in a metal box in the middle of an enclosed forest where he had began his new life. Having his memory erased, he had no clue where he was, how to act, or even his name. Next, the refusal of the call, Thomas was in denial that he is now a Glader, someone who lives in this little enclosed world. Thomas was unwilling to adapting to the new world he is in, scared of the surroundings. Thomas has multiple mentors that help him transform Minho, Chuck, Alby, and Newt all acting as his guide to his theory of deciphering the impossible maze helped in his transformation. The crossing of the first threshold then begins, Thomas first steps into the maze to try to save Alby and Minho from the closing gate. Despite the warnings of other, Thomas still went inside to help and save the two boys from death. Thomas had voices guiding him by the use of telepathy, the people who sent him to the maze are telling him what to do and overall controlling him. The road of trials, the hardest part of the journey, starts when Thomas failed the duty of farming, by killing animals. The other Gladers believed he was weak because he could not kill an animal, not making him fit in the classification as a maze runner. The belly of the whale transformation occurs when Thomas had a near death experience with Minho and Alby in the maze. Grievers, or monsters that lurk in the maze at night, almost killed him, Minho, and Alby. Thomas undergoes his transformation, becoming stronger than his emotional instability, overall finding his new self. As Campbell portrays, love is powerful Thomas finds a love and his love that he gains had a significant effect that makes him stronger. The seeking atonement stage, aided in fighting creatures and his opposing forces, the voices in his mind give him ideas on how to survive. The Ultimate Boon occurs after all the deafening of grievers, his purification in this step supplied him with confidence and hope for the Gladers, that they would make it out of the maze alive. His perseverance lead him to solve the maze and escape with the Gladers. After escaping the maze, Thomas encounters his refusal of the return, Thomas was wounded of this experience emotionally, physically, and mentally. From seeing his friends murdered to leaving them behind in the forest. Thomas had figured out a way to share his knowledge, strength, and wisdom of what he had learned throughout the quest to the Gladers and humans in the new world in which he has discovered. By escaping the maze and finding his new self, Thomas becomes the master of two worlds, becoming master of the now human world and that of the Gladers. He achieves freedom to live when he in the bus with adults who saved him from the creators of the maze. Thomas completes the full transformation of the heroic journey, being able to live with the humans who created the maze. Able to learn about why it was created and why he was placed there. Many others movies, not that of recent times but of the past as well contain the hero’s journey. The movie Remember the Titans, came out in 2000 explaining the journey of a black football coach, Coach Boone, overcoming racism and creating equality in the football team. Coach Boone’s call to adventure begins at a high school, where he is hired coach of a white school football team. On the first day of practice, many of the players rebelled against him, being the coach for an all white school when he is black. Coach Boone crossing of the threshold by joining black and white highschool boys to join together and forcing them to work as a team. He believes that all men are created equal and shouldn’t be judged based on their skin tone. No segregation among each other or the team should occur or those players will be kicked off. The road of trials begins once he is at the football camp, he can’t backout. White football players refuse to play with the black players, not accepting them as teammates. That night, a belly of the whale experience would be when he was subject of crimes of racism. White people threw bricks and trash into his house, in which he just purchased. He had to complete the task of improving his team, and filling in for Coach Yoast. Atonement with father figure occurs at football camp, Coach Boone tells Gerry, “I am your father on and off this field” (Yoast). In addition, he takes on the figure more of a father to the players then a coach. The ultimate boon occurs when a white player and black player continue to tackle one another and develop a bond of brothership. At this moment, other players of the team start accepting one another for who they are, not based on their skin tone. Coach Boone then completes the journey of the hero, becoming the master of the football team and the racist world. He has the freedom to live by beginning able to coach his football team the way he wants to and being able to develop a bond between himself and the players.


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