Thank you! The internet has made us more

Thank you!Theinternet has made us more machine like than machine themselves, and Carr alsomentions how he is not the only one with this problem. Friends of NicholasCarr, and even bloggers that Nicholas Carr, knows have stopped reading at all.One of the Bloggers whose name is Scott Karp, confessed that he used to be alit major in College and he used to be a book worm but struggled finding focussince he used the internet. Another blogger whose name is Bruce Friedman, alsoconfessed how he used the computer about the use of medicine and it changed hismental habits.

Friedman, blogged about a pathologist who has been at a medicineschool in Michigan for many years, and quotes that his thinking is not the sameanymore! I believe the internet is damaging our thoughts, memories and even ourpersonalities to focus on our concentration. The only way we pay attention is,if we find something meaningful and something we can remember very well. TheInternet has gotten so big that we have no chance to avoid it, since we do ourhomework and find our information through the internet. One example is that theinternet has become our hard drive, we do not have to remember our phonenumbers we can just hop on our email or Google to look it up. Google has notmade us more stupid but it has damages our memories and our focus, and we needto find a way to avoid that. I hope you have enjoyed the article I told youabout my friend.

Hellomy friend, how are you doing? I have recently read an article of Nicholas Carr,about “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” Nicholas Carr, talked about how theinternet has become our primary source of information. People have become morelazy reading books, and also struggling keeping track or focusing on our books,because of the internet. People are so used to skimming over things on theInternet, which affects some people having problems finding their focus in abook. It is becoming a big problem in our society, and even Nicholas Carr,mentioned how he cannot focus because of the internet.Dear friend,


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