Question: Test anxiety is a problem for many students; you have been finding solution. Write an essay of approximately 500 words that contains a definition of test anxiety and explain why it is a problem. And then describe the solutions you recommend. For easy understanding, test anxiety can be simply described as a condition in which the person goes through disturbing uneasiness in the period before, during and even after a test, both emotionally and physically. From another perspective, psychologists view test anxiety as an obstacle to a person’s studying process and then, test performance.

Test anxiety, at the bottom line, is described as an over-worry of a person over his/her test performance which affects the person’s learning effectiveness and lower the test outcome. Albeit how people perceivepest anxiety, its impact to a person are not only limited to his/her study but also his/her future. Hence, after taking a look at the symptoms of test anxiety, some recommended tips for test-taking and strategies for doing well in examinations will also be introduced. First and foremost, test anxiety has a wide range of symptoms, be it physical or emotional one.

The pressure of doing well for the test influences a person’s hormonal level which then disrupt his/her physical state. The person, as a result, will suffer nauseous feeling, headache, profuse sweating and diarrhea, to name a few. In the case of extreme anxiety, test anxiety patients’ heart rate rapidly increases; and they also experience restlessness, as well as sleeping disorder. These symptoms will subsequently worsen the person’s emotional balance which affect his/her ability to memorize during the learning course.

If the condition of test anxiety continues in a prolonged period, the person can eventually have a heart attack. Therefore, I would recommend some effective ways to deal with the issue as listed below. To begin with, one can avoid examination failure by learning to control test anxiety. First step in test anxiety management is to use self-guided imaginary mind-control. This method is said to help one be relaxed through taking a quick mental trip. One needs to sit it or lie down in comfortably.

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Then one should let one be free in the beautiful scene created by the mind, with all the senses, to reach the peace within. The next step is breathing. It is not the normal kind of breathing but to breath through one’s abdoment. One has to inhale slowly for approximately 5 to 6 seconds, without rising the chest, then hold the breathe for 2 seconds and gradually exhale. All of this is to calm oneself down. Besides, one’s mind has to focus on controlling the breathing, thus the anxiety will be dispersed.

The last step to effectively manage test anxiety is about muscle relaxation. Yoga and meditation can be considered as some efficient ways to keep the mind fresh and restful. The impact of test anxiety is certainly serious, yet the process mentioned shows that it can be contained to a manageable limit. After managing to keep the mind at ease, one can advance to take some tips for doing well in the test. The most important tip is preparation. However, one should be mindful to keep it at optimal level: do not overdo nor underdo it.

It is because the former will put a pressure over the person prior the test and affect his/her studying, meanwhile the latter will interfere with the person’s performance during the test. Optimal and proper preparation creates an assurance feeling for the test-taker hence is said to help reduce his/her anxiety as he/she feels more composed. Another tip is to have a good sleep before the test. A decent sleep provides one’s brain sufficient amount of energy to think fast and response sharply to any quests.

Therefore, the test is not as difficult as it seems with an anxiety after a person has learnt these tips by heart. In conclusion, test anxiety is a kind of stress which can not only affect a person’s study but also the results of the test. For this midterm exam, an IU student with test anxiety may see his/her mental conditions severely damaged while the results are not as good as expected. He/she can then apply the abovementioned methods to reduce the anxiety level and use the tips to further improve the test outcome for the final examination.


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