ten places it’s not a good idea to keepyour phone today it’s difficult if notimpossible to find a person without aphone we’re attached to them like aleech and keep them in our hands at alltimes we take them with us everywhereeven in the shower and in bed howeverkeeping your phone in some places can bereally dangerous for your device andeven worse for your health right sidehas created a list of 10 places whereyou shouldn’t keep your phone number 10in your back pocket it’s definitely waymore comfortable to carry your phone inthe back pocket of your pants but it canalso be really dangerous first of allit’s too easy to break the phone screenbecause many people forget about havingit in their back pocket and end upsitting on their own phone this can bepretty costlysince most phones today have reallyexpensive screens for example if youbreak the screen on an iPhone 10 it’llcost you about 60% of the price of thewhole phone just to replace the screenanother problem with keeping your phonein your back pocket is that it’s so easyto steal it doesn’t even take the mostexperienced or a smooth this pickpocketto steal something from your back pocketit’s like taking candy from a babyalso because most phones nowadays havetouchscreens there’s a chance that youcould accidentally dial an emergencynumber and not even realize it did youknow that 30% of all calls to 911 dentaland the last problem is the fact thatsitting on your device can cause pain inyour back legs and stomach so how aboutskipping on keeping your phone in yourback pocket number nine in your frontpocket nope don’t keep it in the frontpocket either this is especially for thegentleman out there since most guysdon’t carry bags they often put theirphones in the front pocket of theirpants or jeans but doing this can have areally negative effect on men’s health Ibet we’ve got your attention now arecent study from the University ofExeter has proven that theelectromagnetic radiation emitted byphones adversely effects the quality andquantity of sperm the longer a man keepshis phone in his pants the higher therisk so no matter how important yourcell phone is to you you should thinktwice before putting it in your frontpocket number eight in your bra theladies aren’t safe either so listen upeven though there’s still no consensusabout whether or not cell phoneradiation causes cancer we recommendkeeping your phone away from yourbreasts just in case number seven onyour hip according to research atTurkey’s süleyman Demirel Universitycarrying your phone near your hipsactually weakens the hip bones thescientists measured the bone density ofa hundred and fifty men who carriedtheir phones on their hips regularlytheir bone mineral density was slightlylower on the side where they kept theirphones than on the other side it’s stillnot quite clear if this difference isbecause of the phones but it’s the mostprobable reasonnumber sexes against your skin don’thold your cell phone against your skinbecause when you do this bacteria fromthe screen let you touch with your handswhich touch the world around you getright on your face and fYI it’s believedthat the touchscreens on our phones aredirtier than public toilets hey sorryfor the gross fact but someone’s got tobe the bearer of bad newsbesides the electromagnetic radiationgets even closer to you which can’t begood so you’re probably wondering howyou can talk on the phone without allthat nasty stuff make sure you leavearound half an inch between your deviceand your face number five on the chargerno charging the phone doesn’t harm yourhealthunless you’re too close to the phone andit’s electromagnetic radiation but it’sbetter not to leave your cell phonecharging overnight this can shorten thelife of the phone’s battery and reducethe battery’s efficiency by the way youcan watch our video about 15 mistakesthat’s shorten the life of your phonewe’re sure you’ll find it usefulMusicnumber four in cold places if it’s coldoutside and the temperature drops belowzero you should take special care ofyour phone don’t leave it on the streetor in the car for a long time such adifference in temperature is bad forgadgets because when you bring yourdevice into a warm place condensationforms and this can lead to problems withthe internal bits of the phone anotherproblem is that your phone can simplyturn off in cold weather the latestphones today have a special feature intheir operating systems that in order toprotect the battery automatically turnthe phone off the best thing you can dofor your phone is by a special insulatedphone case or avoid exposing it tovastly different temperatures numberthree in hot places your high techdevices are more vulnerable than youthink they can’t stand high temperatureseither on really hot days who don’trecommend leaving your phone in the caror on the beach because the battery mayoverheat and even explode also don’tkeep your phone on the windowsillbecause direct sunlight can make yoursuper expensive screen dull and how areyou supposed to check out the newest carmeans with a screen you can barely seethink about thatnumber two in the stroller sometimesmoms in a hurry throw their cell phonesin their baby strollers without a secondthought but maybe they should thinktwice because research published in theJournal of Epidemiology and CommunityHealth suggests that it could be unsafefor children the study claims that cellphones can cause behavioral problemslike hyperactivity and attention deficitdisorder again there’s no directevidence yet but do you really want totake the risk number one under yourpillow there are several good reasonsnot to keep your phone under your pillowthe first one is that even at night youprobably get some notifications thatlight up your screen the more lightthere is at night the less melatoninyour body produces if you didn’t knowmelatonin is your body’s sleep hormoneand helps your brain switch off at nightso you can probably guess that a lowlevel of melatonin leads to problemswith sleep which eventually leads toother serious health and social issuesanother reason is that over long periodsof time electromagnetic radiation cancause headaches and dizziness if yourphone is right under your pillow atnight well that’s just easy access toyour head and last but not least therehave been cases of phone explosions andfires and when you cover your phone witha pillow you increase the chances ofthis a phone gives off heat whencharging and the heat can’t escape fromunder the fabric of a pillow it’s betterto charge your device away from yourselfyour bed and other people besides what’sso important on your phone that you needto keep it under your pillow whileyou’re sleeping can’t it wait tillmorningdo you know any other places where it’snot okay to keep a phone tell us in thecomment section below and now here’s ourbonus how to use your phone withoutdamaging your posture poor posture isbecoming the scourge of the early 21stcentury a person who is constantly in ahunched over position can seriouslydamage their spine because of ourconstant use of smartphones and otherhandheld gadgets many people can spendas much as four hours a day in anunnatural and damaging position researchhas shown that a person’s posture caninfluence their emotional outlook anindividual suffering from clinicaldepression often assumes a pose that hasbeen dubbed the I hunchin the past it was predominantly theelderly who sought medical help for backproblems but now doctors are witnessingthis particular problem grow youngermain features of the eye hunched astretched out neck sunken shoulders armsdrawn into the torso assuming thecorrect posture all the time can lead toan increase in productivity at work anda higher resistance to stress you shouldlook at your device by lowering youreyes rather than bending your neck it’sbetter to lift up the screen also followfive simple rules that reduce the riskof back problems one periodically moveyour head from side to side slowlystretching your muscles to massage yourshoulders the side muscles in your neckin the area between your shoulder bladesthree stand in a doorway stretch outyour arms and band your thorax this willhelp relax the muscles that become fixedin one position for a long timewhen using a smartphone for if you useyour phone for more than 10 minutespress your chin to your neck and squeezetogether your shoulder blades repeatthis exercise several times holding theposition for 10 seconds 5 every time youuse a smartphone remember that thecorrect posture can help you avoid manyhealth problems in the future like thisvideo and send it to your friends tokeep them and their phone safe and ofcourse click the subscribe button tojoin us on the bright side of life


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