The author of the ten most beautiful experiments, George Johnson, plays an important role in the book by writing it from his own perspective. Johnson is an American journalist and a science writer. He even cohosts “Science Saturday” which is a live online weekly discussion, clearly related to science. These facts could help readers know that the author knows what he’s talking about and has legitimate reasons behind each and every opinion he has. The Ten Most Beautiful Experiments is a recent book, published in April 2008 in New York.

I suppose George Johnson just wanted to put his opinion of the ten most beautiful experiments out there, and be able to pick and chose which ten experiments those are. Johnson even had an issue with the experiments that he did choose, he doubted himself often. One day a women wrote him asking why none of the experiments were conducted by women, and he explained it fully. He was definitely thinking about putting some brilliant experiments done by women into the book, but they weren’t pertainable to his theme. I believe Johnson wrote this book for anyone interested in reading it, truly.

I do not think it was specifically aimed towards adolescents, although that audience may be the one to have read it most. Personally, it seems like a wondering book for persons who aspire to be a scientist, an innovator, etc. For people whom are curious, interested, and up for reading an experienced opinion. George Johnson writes this book wonderfully. He wants his audience to react in wonder, thought, curiosity, opinions, etc. He wants his audience to feel as if they are as important to the book as he is. When Johnson doesn’t understand why someone did something they did, he asks the audience if you think it’s complete nonsense as well.

He asks you [the audience] what you think of his suggestions, he asks you why you think someone did what they did, he brings you into the book. George Johnson wrote this book in the most intriguing way he could. He simply wants your interest, not a specific opinion. The subject of this book is about the beauty of science. Johnson believes the beauty of science lies more within the solution of the experiment. His tone throughout the book is very calm, not argumentative. Johnson believes that we should all keep our eyes and minds open for the eleventh most beautiful experiment which could come anyday.

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