The “television” has been around for many decades, just consuming each person who takes notice to it. For the audience who watches television “day in” and “day out” they would become induced with what society portrays as righteous and imitate what they see (Ehrenreich). Ehrenreich states Americans will “begin to notice something eerie and unnatural about the world” meaning after watching hours of television Americans then would think of the world as mysterious and bizarre.

It is shocking that when you watch television “you will see people drinking […] slaughtering each other” but one could never recall an instance that a person is sitting on the couch watching television without any interruptions (Ehrenreich). Doing this is thought of as tedious and uncommon, and the interest of the audience will be lost. At the beginning of the television era it was common that people would do some of the everyday things you see on television, “bickering, […] fussing, fighting, with mother-in-laws about which toilet paper to purchase” (Ehrenreich).

As time progresses the “modern people” or “couch potatoes” are either to lazy to do the things they see on TV or it is just too dangerous (Ehrenreich). Each two would involve being active and getting up from the couch; which being too boring for even “Andy Warhol to televise for more than a fraction of a second” in his boring picture based movies (Ehrenreich). But why do people keep watching it? Is it just that they are too lazy or does it conjure the minds of the audience? Television might really help in learning new things or with real-life situations.

Children can learn how to count, read, and talk from particular TV programs. You could refer to what your favorite actor did in that same situation and learn from their mistakes so you will not have the opportunity make them. This is benefiting a person because it is giving them the knowledge to know what is commendable and inadequate. Truly one can’t learn anything from sitting on the couch all day. Your mind isn’t being challenged and you are becoming a “root vegetable” (Ehrenreich). Too much television is very harmful, so why do we keep watching it?

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