Teenagers with weapons Derek Bentley- final hours. We started the hanging scene by discussing staging ideas to involve the audience most. I recommended the idea of having the audience sitting in ???end on” because I think it is the most effective for this certain performance because as Sam said in our group discussion we can have a police man in the audience shouting at Derek as he is being pulled back towards his fate of death.

We used a variety of different mediums and levels, we also used a couple of thought-tracks because it expresses he views and feelings that the characters may have been thinking and going through at that time, their thought-tracks would link to their feelings about the topic of teenagers with weapons. Also we used lighting to represent the passing of Derek Bentleys soul moving towards heaven as he was wrongly accused of this crime.

I came up with the idea that during the piece we should have a flash back to the time where Derek was manipulated in to using the gun to kill the police man, I think the message that comes across within this piece can still be linked to todays views on teenagers with weapons. I think this because if you turn on the news in America there is a very high chance there will be a crime on their involving a gun or a teenager with a gun is involved in a gang related crime. Also in the United Kingdom there is a high chance of a crime being committed with a teenager with a knife and not a gun like America.

I think this is because in America their gun rules are much more relaxed unlike in England and others, so this will and has led to a high rate of gun crimes within the teenager category and I think a lot of authorities have a bad thought on teenagers because of it. This links back to Derek Bentley because in that time period there were a lot of teenagers with nowhere to go so they were forced to hang out on the streets which led to more and more people getting worried and feeling threatened because of the increase of the teens on the street so police were forced to take action.

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Daminola murder class performance After being put into groups we started to discuss our scene that had been selected for us, we had the scene wear we had to show wear Daminola was attacked by the three teenaged bullies. This was a good scene to act because it was a main scene efore the really emotional scene. I had the idea of the three bullies in one line going from the smallest to the tallest Just to symbolise the rank between the three starting with the one that tags along, to the one who commits the fatal blow to the leg that results in the murder of poor Daminola. We marked the moment in a very sudden but obvious manor.

As the weapon was getting passed up the line of bullies’ Daminola became increasingly nervous and started to beg for mercy almost like he knew what was about to happen to him. When the fatal blow struck him we used a udden still image and red lighting to symbolise the moment of the blood about to rush out of his body, also after the still image we used a thought track to try get across what was going through everyone’s head. In this thought track the thoughts going through the bullies head was that of a state of shock and disbelieve because they didn’t think that a bottle could be transformed into a deadly weapon.

If I had the the mother is standing over the dead body. 2, the bully scene. This would help give the audience a bit of the back story as Daminola wants to Just be alone and read and e was not violent. 3, the head teacher scene. This would show or foreshadow the upcoming events to the audience. 4, the attack scene. I think you don’t need to move this scene because it sums up the previous scenes by ending up in the murder of Daminola and him crawling towards the safety of his mum, and the last words him saying are mum.

Finally I would put the last scene as the finding of the body. I think that we should end on this scene because it is the most emotional scene especially as Daminola last words being mum. This works well with his mum beside him crying nd saying his name because it will hit the audience with such emotion that it will make them think about how teenagers with weapons effects not Just the person who has been targeted but the family and people that have been hit with the heartbreak from losing their loved one.

Also the police interview in the back works in this scene because one of the workers describe how there was no sign of a typical weapon like a gun or a knife but there was only a bit of shattered glass on the floor, this will make people think that teenagers with weapons isn’t Just gangs/people with guns and nife’s, it is anything that they can get a hold of that will harm the person. This unit is a very hard unit to perform because personally I don’t want to relive what that family had to live through, it is hard to portray their emotions because they would have been so raw and heart breaking.

It is very difficult to act like a murderer because it’s not natural to try be a killer of a ten year old boy and the amount of emotion that comes with this unit is really hard to keep back and control your feelings toward the character that you are playing, for example, if you are playing the urderer it will be hard to act their role because you may feel such a hatred toward them. Hot seating The class were asked to work together and use hot seating to explore the emotions and thoughts of some of the characters. We hot seated the head teacher of the school (Richard), the mother Gloria (Amy) and the head police man (Rhys).

We started off with having the head policeman (Rhys) being hot seated first, when being questioned Rhys used a very straight and emotionless face linking with the fact that policemen aren’t allowed to release a lot of information. I thought it was good that he id this because facial expressions and emotion in the voice can really give away a lot of information needed. I thought it was good that Rhys said ‘People can make a weapon with anything that is there to hand, anything can be dangerous but when it falls into the wrong hands life’s can be lost. I liked how he put across that the wrong hands are teenagers and the fact he had a serious and flat tone to his voice that made what he was saying very chilling and hard hitting. Next we hot seated the mother of Daminola (Amy). Amy used a lot of emotion when being hot seated, this as very good because I feel she really showed a side of the character that made us feel extremely sympathetic for her and it really made me feel the raw emotions that she was going through.

I liked how Amy said ‘l came to this country to create a better life for my daughter but it has turned out to be a worse life that I could of ever thought of Her tone of voice had a sense of guilt in it and she also kept rubbing her arm and tapping her foot, this shows that she was nervous and really didn’t like her and any person. The last person to be hot seated was the head teacher of the chool (Richard) I feel Richard portrayed this character very well as the things he was saying actually made me feel so much anger inside of me.

He sat up straight with his shoulders bold, like he was using his body to protect him from his emotions and the truth on this inside. He used a calm voice and answered all our questions on a professional level but he didn’t give and insight to the death, even when we asked why he hadn’t stopped the bulling, he stood proud and said he had meant to but he kept diverting the subject away from any questions that would blame him in any sort of way.


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