Should Teenage Girls Be Allowed to Get Birth Control Without the Permission of Their Parents

Many girls these days know more about sex than they did back in 80’s or 70s, but girls these days are scared to ask their parents to take them to the doctor to get birth control pills to protect them selves for getting pregnant and have a little mistake that could of been prevented. udent most of the ume when there minors have unprotected sex rather than asking their parents to get birth control pills because they are so scared from what their parents may say, and in realty if girls didnt have o ask their parents about birth control pills their could be less pregnancy because girls now and days have to ask older friends or aunts that understand her Just to get pills like that is to much in my eyes. However there might be a detect about teenage girls getting birth control with their parents because maybe Just maybe girls would be having crazy sex and may get a HIV or any other sexual disease.Either way girls these days can still birth control or condoms at their family clinic ithout their parents at the age of 15 ; up, and they can also get family insurance if the pill or condom didn’t work and the girl Is pregnant But back t the concept if a teenage girl is sexually active they should have freedom to get anything that can prevent them to get pregnant, because lets face It we don’t need an other baby In this world and a high school drop out…

Whatwe need now is our generation to graduate and get a career and make something off them selves and help our world ecome a better place for our next generation” I hope that my essay has opened your eyes and saw that this essay Is not only for a sexual relation but to help save a life not from anybody but from herself. Think about in every high school in our country has 2 or more teenage pregnancy and maybe like 1 of those girls make It to graduation and what happens to rest. their forced to be home taking care of a baby that they may not be able to support.


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