Running head: TECHNOLOGY OF THE FUTURE Technology of the Future Ashley Carte Axia College University of Phoenix Technology of the Future Computer technology as we know it has significantly increased over the years compared to what was ever thought possible. With more power, and the ability to process information faster computer technology has changed present existence, and future possibilities. One such device available today is the Apple Iphone, introduced in January of 2007 by Steve Jobs at a Macworld conference.

This was an extraordinary device with an interactive touch screen, and combined multi features. This phone quickly got the attention of media, and public. Although with increasing technology, Apple recently introduced a newer version of the Iphone. It is the 3G network which is the second generation phone, but operates on third generation cellular networks. The Iphone 3G has all the features of the original one plus some new additions. Such as GPS receiver or 3 G network capability.

This multi functional phone is offered in sleeker new design, 8 GB or 16 GB options and in black or white. It includes a 2. 0 megapixel camera, with software for all your photo needs. The unique touch screen uses electrical current to allow you to be interactive with the use of your fingers. According to (Wilson, 2009) “the screen detects touch through one of two methods: Mutual capacitance or self capacitance. A mutual capacitance touch screen contains a grid of sensing lines and driving to determine where one is touching. This feature is one bit of technology that has been introduced, and improved from what past reasoning believed to be possible. Therefore, other advancing technology that has allowed in the creation of the iPhones existence is the processor. According to (Wilson, 2009) the iPhones processor and software are central to correctly interpreting touch input. The capacitors send raw touch-location data to the iPhones processor. The processor uses software located in the iPhones memory to interpret the raw data as commands, and gestures.

Also the accelerometer inside the Iphone lets the operating system know to change the orientation of the image on the screen (Wilson, 2009). So you can scroll lists on a long narrow screen, and view movies on a widescreen. Another addition to the iphone was the support of Microsoft exchange allowing users to synchronize their phones with outlook accounts, making this phone more competitive with other smart phones available today. Despite all these features some people found that by the phone not having a keyboard/keypad, it was a drawback compared to some smart phones available.

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Although, this was not included by apple in their Iphone as a feature of faster browsing, Apple reported the Iphone sold its millionth original Iphone in September, 2007. I am not sure how many Iphone 3G’s were sold so far but I do believe greater technology will allow for future devices even better than the Iphone. The possibilities of future technology are limitless. References Wilson, T. (2009, June 27). howstuffworks. Retrieved June 27, 2009, from howstuffworks: http://electronics. howstuffworks. com/iphone. htm


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