Technology has changed over the years really fast. It changes everyday for good and also for bad. It started long time ago. Technology makes our life easy in many ways, but when used bad it can damage us emotionally and physically. Technology is used in our daily life. It ranges from cellphone, cars, even to robots. There will be a point that technology will be so big that it will make and artificial world. No more humans, only robots. Technology will never end, it will be forever; even after we die there will be major improvements on technology. Without technology we humans would be completely lost and we wouldnt know and learn many stuff we need in life. Have you ever wonder what are some advantages and disadvantages? Well, in this essay you will learn and have even knowlege about how technolgy is taking over the world. Do you imagine that right now that you are reading this, technology has or is being modified and more technological advances are being made! Everyday we wake up to a brand new day, full of achievements and improvements over various aspects. Most of the time we use something called technology, which is something that make our life easy and we honestly couldnt live without it.Technology is known since 3000B.C. There about four types of technology, which are: premechanical,mechanical,electromechanical and electronic. We live on the electronic epoc, which if you think about it, a lot of time has passed. It will keep going further and further because the human brain if filled with infinite ideas, and if we put them to work we can create awesome things for the future. Technology is invented and created by humans, which they use methods and practices to do things. You will be amazed by the time an average human being spends his time on a simple thing such as the phone.Technology has a lot of positive aspects, it makes our life a lot easier. Now our everyday is easy. In education we use it everyday, not only at school but also in our job. Without technology we would be at a dark age. Technology help us as a form of communication, toy, education,traveling, etc. It help us communicate instantly with people around the world. The main positive aspect is that it help us learn a lot of things about life and it let us communicate with others around the world. It allows us to create strong bonds and relationships with people around the world. An average person spends at least 7 hours using technology, as I said before it helps us doing our chores. Technologie also imapcted medicine because it made many advances. some examples od medical technology advances can be augmented reality, google brain, recreational cyborgs, medical 3D printing, real time diagnostics, holographic data input, multi functional radiology, and many others. It can be good when we know how to control it and when to stop. It also help us saving a lot of memories. A good example to prove that technology good for us is cars, there are companies that can create cars that can be managed by themselves. It really fascinating and it benefits a lot of people in many ways.As I said before technology can be bad and dangerous. It can expose us to many damaging things and bad people. Now-a-days it is something we can’t leave without. It necessary in our life. Without technology we would be dumb and useless. Now little kids have some type of technology to have fun, that is really bad. It ruins the memories that can be made. Technology is now managed for bad. It encapsulates people from enjoying the outside world. I bet that if we live a day without technology, we would be really happy, enjoying life and creating a lot of memories and friends. We don’t have to let technology control our life, we have to use it but not always. Too many time using technology can ruin us physically and also emotionally. It can produce isolation, lack of social skills, depression, poor sleep habits, icrease bullying, lack of privacy,stress, neurosis, loss of hearing and eyesight, lack of empathy, more violence, those are some to mention because technology can produce many more health issues.. With technology we are more exposed to suffer some type of depression or health issues. Even though we don’t believe that technology can affect us emotionally, it is actually really concerning. Technology has it benefits and bad things. We have too learn that technology changes everyday, it is something we cannot stop and it is something that will never stop improving. We need to see beyond technology and enjoy life to the fullest. I can say technology is great in many ways, but I have to learn to control it. If we don’t start to change this world right now, we can expect another world full of robots and no humans. At least if we control it, we may say we tried. Technology may change the world, but the only thing we do not know is whether it will change and improve to good or for bad. We need to make a change and it has to be now because we never know what tomorrow brings us.Our future is in our hands and we have the opportunity to make with it whatever we wish and desire and I hope it is a good and safe one.


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