Technology provides our world with easy information in an instant. This helps everyone stay more in touch with what goes on in countries half way across the world as well as helping students with research for homework and projects. However, it can also be a distraction from our work and inhibit our children’s learning.

The major question educators are asking is “how do we keep technology from ending the genius of our world and instead help the genius grow? Schools need to consider how to connect with the new generation of students and their families, how to make us think about the future, and learning from sources other than only technology when deciding wether to implement technology into their curriculum. In today’s world, our daily lives are spent around cell phones, computers, television, and music players. So when our learning generation spends so much times around technology, how do we connect to them with paper books, pen and paper work sheets, and droning lectures?

Our generation, filled with flashing images, booming music, and books that we can watch in the theater, will be bored and unwilling to learn from these old fashion teaching methods. Some “pioneering teachers” are leading the way to the solution of connection. These educators put assignments online, use electronic forums, and pass out PDAs for science experiments (source B). These teachers have found a way to interest this generation into learning again.

With this use of technology, parents can get more involved in their children’s learning and look online for their grades, email teachers, and look at power points of important school activities and information their children may have “forgot” to mention. This way, the generation will be more pushed to become better than the older generations, to learn and achieve more. Technology breaks time down into tiny segments. This generation thinks in minutes and seconds in the here and now.

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We see life from the calories we eat now, the hundreds of “friends” we have on Facebook today, the current stock prices. We do not think about the calories we’ll eat tomorrow or how many our body will be able to take in 20 years from now, the number of friends that actually changed our lives when we die, or the stock prices of our investment when we retire (source C). With technology ruling our lives, we only think of the here and now. However, that can be easily changed, if we wished it to change.

The only reason we think in the here in now is because we choose to look at the news of here and now, we choose to publish our stories of the now, we choose to think of what will happen in our lives today. We lock ourselves up in our dark rooms filled with technology and watch the world news of here and now on our flashing screens (source F). Technology did not cause this, it only made it easier to create a unified mind set of the here and now.

If we educate our children to read the news about our predicted future, think of our friends that will stay with us though out their lives, make their company’s stock price stay high till their grandchildren are retired, and think about how many calories they’ll be able to eat when they’re 50. When our children start to think in this mindset, technology will accompany them on that path of the future. We need to educate our children on the future, not just the here and now. Children of this generation are unimaginative and bland.

From birth they’re given interactive toys that keep them from using the potential of imagination to create a fantasy world of magical creatures and unseen colors for them and their dolls. When this generation gets bored, they jump on the XBox or PS3 to shoot up some terrorists in a hostile environment or kill alines that want to take over the world on an unimagined plant far from earth in deep space. Or they’ll go see the latest book that was made into a movie because they were too lazy to read or watch their favorite television show.

These children grow up where everything is given to them, in the form of technology, to keep us entertained. If we let the technology we give to our children curb their imagination and originality from growing and creating new innovations and gadgets for the future, their “informational metabolism” will be cut off (source C). In other words, they will not be able to think for them selves. We need to maintain the amount of technology given to our children and check the content. We cannot let our younger generation grow up to have everything given to them and never have to lift a finger to think and entertain themselves.

We need to make them work and think; Think about the “cause and effect”, the meaning of a story line, the arguments of essays, and the results of their actions. The way our generation uses the technology they have in their hands today will determine the future of all generations after them. Technology will no doubt be used by educators in the near future for all students. It is up to our teachers and parents to educate us on how to use this technology given to us. They will determine if we keep using technology the way we do now, or use it for the betterment of our future.


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