sometimes experience difficult situations and need to make decisions based on
their personal philosophy. Some have the moral courage to stand to their
decisions but most teachers do not. I can see that the most experienced
teachers have established “voice” in the institution  but some still lack  of moral 
courage. They  believe that there
is no use trying to change the system because it is too strong. Some believe
that they might get in trouble. And some say that it is none of their business.
They are not willing to take any risks and maybe afraid of what might happen
when they show moral courage, afraid of the inconvenience it might bring, and
afraid of what other people might think of them.

Even this is the
scenario in my workplace, I will still continue to show the kind of moral
courage I’ve been doing and displaying before. This can somehow encourage and
inspire other teachers to do the same. Moral courage is not new to me as an
educator. I have seen and observed people who displayed moral courage in the
workplace. Those people who fight for our rights as teachers and as
individuals, those people who are not only thinking of themselves but for the
good of the whole university. I admire them in that aspect and I can say that I
appreciate them and thank them for standing up on what they think is right no
matter how they will be judged or disapproved by other leaders in the

am proud that in some situations I can say that I have shown moral courage.
Signing a petition with what I believe is right is one of them even if I know I
will be identified and lost my position. Saying a problem to the management or
to the immediate supervisor and also saying situation that is not fair in the
institution require me a lot of courage and confidence. Presenting my
principles and defending them in front of my students I flunked in class and
the parents who cried begging to pass their children but I stayed firm because
it will be unfair for those students who really did their part for the whole
semester to pass the subject. I do not fear getting a low score in my
evaluation performance, Being firm with your own philosophy and defending them
I think is an admirable virtue. And I believe that if all teachers display moral
courage will have a very fair and just environment.

I have read these words
from Sir Winston Churchill, “Courage is rightly esteemed the first of human
qualities… because it is the quality which guarantees all others.” This means
that courage is the mechanism by which we put all other virtues into action. One
of the best ways to inspire courage is through story like true stories from
history and family stories and by serving as models who practice courage

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The courage to act morally or doing
the right thing may not be easy for us but can be acquired through habituation.
Moral courage – the willingness to face not physical danger but emotional pain,
disapproval, or uncertainty rather than compromise an ethical principles. All
teachers should learn to stand up for what they believe in – no matter what.
Moral courage is essential especially in protecting our learners and let us be the voice and the actions
that our students need.


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