Today, many educators argue that high standards in education curriculum improve the overall quality of education. Thus, more and more schools are looking for effective ways to develop curriculum based on high standards. The process of developing standards should provide opportunities for improvements and revision on a regular basis. (A Flexible curriculum) The tasks for developing standards in curriculum are to develop curriculum framework based on standards reform; to select proper curriculum-planning model, to build capacity in education system; and to evaluate and implement standards in the classroom.

Firstly, developing curriculum framework requires detailed analysis of national and state standards that are available for understanding the key elements of curriculum framework. Specific standards to be considered are content, student performance and benchmarks. Teachers are responsible for learning the characteristics of successful school, their student learning and teaching strategies. Secondly, selecting proper curriculum-planning model is the foundation of further development of curriculum standards.

The sub-tasks are to encourage student and community participation in standards development process and to pay attention to controlling student learning process. (Pattison & Berkas, 2000) Thirdly, building capacity means that teachers are responsible for increasing the capability the produce reform and for providing opportunities for staff development. Curriculum committee should develop a plan that will comprise school staff, administrators, students, parents and community members.

A culture of accountability should be created with the emphasis on such learning community that will promote high student outcomes and achievements. Building capacity is not limited to teachers and administrators. Finally, the task of evaluating, reflecting and implementing standards suggests that teachers are responsible for identifying the effects of standards on student learning and determining the appropriateness of the standards. (Pattison & Berkas, 2000)

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