Task to the client computer from its hosted

Task 11.1: It refers to the World Wide Web. It’s the subset of content. It consistof multiple pages, which we can access using the web browser.

It is the knowledgespace where different web resources are recognised. The term www is intended in1989 by Tim Berners Lee. HTTP (Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol) is the way to useweb pages in a computer.

A phrase or word makes a link to another website withthe help of hypertext. And HTML is used to write web pages, which work inconjunction with HTTP.1.2: Its main function is to hostwebsite and to transfer web content to the client computer from its hostedwebsite over internet.

Web server follows a network protocol known as HTTP (Hyper-TextTransfer Protocol).Web server share the information through intranets andextranets over the internet.  1.3: It is the establishment of datacommunication for world wild web. This protocol is used to connect web serveron the local network or on internet. It maintains the connection with serverand sends HTML pages back to user browser.

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It’s astateless request/response system. They maintain the connection between serverand user for only immediate request, and then closed the connection. Then HTTPclient established TCP connectionwith a server and send it request command, the server sends back response andclosed the connection.1.4: Web browser is used to access andview the website. The function of the web browser is to render html and used tocode design webpages.

Every time it loads the web pages and then processedhtml, in which text, links or other items may be included. After that browseraccess these items and render it into browser window. Goggle Chrome and Apple Safariand Microsoft Internet Explorer are the examples of web browser.    Now days, Google Chrome is the web browser.

Chrome combines design with sophisticated technology to make web safer, easierand faster Microsoft Internet Explorer is also a one of a very good browser and.It helps in accessing webpages through internet. However, internet explorer isa browser which allows clients to view web pages on internet.   TASK 22.1: Multi–tier architecture is a customer server architecture whereappearance, processing and data management functions are divided by logicallyand physically. These functions runes on separate machine or cluster so thatevery function is able to provide services at top of capacity.

The separatelyworking of functions helps them to work efficiently and does not affect eachorder while if one function isolating a problem.  Multi-tier is also known as N-tierarchitecture.  N tier usually divideapplication into presentation tier, logic tier and data tier. One tier architecture: It is an architecture which is elaborate inputting all the required components for software development in a single server.

When automation hit business at first, it is in the form of mainframe computer.All processing is done on a one computer and on one place. All resources liketape or disk driver, printers and many more were attached to the same computer.This is the one-tier computing. This tier is simple and efficient but it isvery expensive.

                    Two tier architecture: it is the architecture where application isrunning in the client machine which interacts with server like databasemanagement system. Mainly, client application contained some or all of thepresentation logic and application navigation, business rule and databaseaccess. The business rules were modified every time, client application had tobe changed, redistributed and tested, even when user interface remained intact.                                                                  Diagram of two tier architecture Three-tier architecture:  It is architectureof client server which functional process logic data access, computer datastorage and user interface are maintained and developed on separate platformsas an independent modules.

It is a software design pattern and well-establishedsoftware architecture. It allows one from three tiers to be upgraded andreplaced independently. User interface is implemented on desktop PC and usestandard graphical user interface with various modules running on theapplication server.The three tiers used are as under:1.      Presentation Tier: It display informationrelated to services available on website and it communicate with each othertiers by giving result to browser.2.

      Application Tier. It playsthe role of transferring information between the website and the data tier,including integration of the required decision logic or transformation oftransferred data.3.      Data Tier: this tier kept data independent onapplication servers or business logic. It   implements persistent data storage, witha relational database or another type of database. (Tonar, 2013)                                                            Diagram of Three-TierArchitecture 2.

2: In the web development field, three-tier is used torefer to websites, mainly electronic commerce websites, whichare built using three tiers:1.     A front-end web server serving static content and potentiallysome hidden dynamic content. In web-based application, front end isthe content presented by the browser. The content may be static or generateddynamically.2.     A middle dynamic content processing and generation level applicationserver. 3.

     A back-end database or data store, comprising both data setsand the database management system software that manages and providesaccess to the data.        3 total purchases Get list of all mail made last month Add all purchases together Query Purchase1 Purchase2 Purchase3   Database Storage Get purchases total              Presentation tier: the upper level of application is userinterface. The important function of interface is to translate tasks and giveresult to something user can understand.Logic tier: this layer synchronise the application, processcommand, and make logical decision and calculations. It moves and processesdata between two layers.

Data tier: In this tier, information is store andretrieves from database or file system. Then information is passed back tologic tier for processing and then finally back to the user.TASK3:3.1: When making awebsite, it is important to consider user experience (UX) which shows good andservice.

A web site is good if it is simple to navigate and also enjoyable touser when they read. UX is important because of its functional design of user. Somerationale tips to make a website user friendly are: ·        Have structure: Determine what goods and services that provideand stick to that. Users want to blog content which are informative andrelevant. However, if user went too far off track with irrelevant content thenuser should be confused.

·        Mobile responsive: as we all are busy in our life, it is common thatmore than one people can access website at same time. ·         When developinga website, it is essential that to remember to design it in a way that fit withthe unique needs and its work well. Not make website because if another companyhave this and it working good for the company. 3.

2:  Information computerarchitecture is the practice of deciding how to arrange the different parts ofsomething to be understandable. IA helps people to understand their surroundingand find what they are looking for in the real world and also online.Practicing information architecture includes facilitating the person andorganizations we work with consider their structures and language thoughtfully.Interaction design is a design of interactionbetween user and product. The aim of interaction design is to create productswhich enable the user to get their object in the possible way. It is like agiant umbrella for the user.

Six key differences (comparison andcontrast) between InformationArchitecture (IA) with Interaction Design (ID) are:·        IA have a look into thelayout, navigation and their types, way of finding, labelling and so on, but IDdeals with how to behave with user action and later give reaction whileallowing a user to accomplish what they are looking for·        In InformationArchitecture (IA) they decide what are the logical place is for particularpieces of information. However, user will look for piece of information. Whereasin Interaction is about how user will get there.·        IA ishas  a structural feature and it will belongon the structural plane, however ID contains the right placement of informationby making mock-ups and which related on skeleton plane. ·        An Information Architect is like Librarian for the website.Just as enter any library from anywhere in the world and with their relativeease find the exact information looking for. The IA is responsible for creatingthis possible in interactive software and websites. It is about finding usefuland information quickly and also maintaining that information on time.

3.3: Metadata is data that illustrate other data. The prefixMeta defined as definition or description. So, metadata explains whatever pieceof data which is connected, whether that photography, web, data is video,content, or spread sheets. Metadata give knowledge about data such as datecreated, usage, and size of file, metadata is the key to proficiency ofinformation systems to classify and categorize data.

It is significant to notethat organizations are overcome with structured and unstructured data and thatboth need metadata.  Metadata is veryuseful for images, videos, spread sheets and web pages. The usage of metadata onweb pages can be very important. Metadata for web pages contain descriptions ofthe page contents that linked to content. They are mainly in the form of metatags.The metadata including the web page description and summary is frequentlydisplay  in search results by searchengines, generating it accuracy and details very important because it candetermine whether a user decides to visit the site or not. Metatags are describeby search engines to help decide a web page relevance, and were used as keyfactor in determining position in a search.  Metadata can be created manually and byautomated information processing.

3.4: Webauthoring is the preparation of making the web documents by modern webauthoring software and tools. Web authoring software is a kind of a desktoppublishing tool that allow user to cross the complicated environment of HTMLand web coding by offering a several categories of graphical user interface.

From web authoring tools, user can see a visual result that is look like thefinal project after manufactured. Web authoring tools are quite similar to HTMLeditors in which they allow transferring between HTML code view and visualdesign. Some of the tools are also known as what you see is what you get(WYSIWYG) editors. Web authoring tools are tools which areused to make Web content, hold a enormous range of software programs thatcan download to a computer or access online. The strategies encourageweb-authoring tool creators to include basic features in theirproducts that will help Internet users with the disabilities. There are someweb authoring tools like Word processors, Desktop publishing program, Html.   TASK 44.1:  A wireframe is a networkin which web designer places on web page in planning phase to explain in whichgrid square various areas of website are located.

A wireframe divide areas by textand those with pictures.At early stage, the aim is to determine structure of planned softwareand test its functionality. This step has particular importance in designprocess. Wireframe or mock-up isexplained in development phase. This includes content areas and also navigationelements, footnotes, menu bars and much more. There are two types ofwireframes: static and dynamic. A staticwireframe is first draft which fundamentally explains which elements should beincluded. Content and design are not so important at that stageAdvantages of wireframe:1.

     Wireframe can get users with design process onboard.      2.  It can make changes easily and efficiently     3.  Wireframe has an extra step in process, but itsave loading time and also money.

    4.  It allows the user to plan responsiveness forwebsite. It makes content development    easierfor the user who wants to copy write Disadvantages of wireframe are as under: 1. Users get bogged down with minute details.

When someuser get more comfortable in looking images and branding than a grey, but thisstep are not include in bit. 2. Sometimewireframe is too designed; it means that it will take too much time byprogrammer. 3. Wireframe haslot of steps in processing, sometime user skip some step to move faster indesign. 4.

If user waterto have change in drawing, it’s very tricky.4.2:  Websiteprototype is an interactive demo of website. A prototype of a website can bemock-up or demo of how the website is look like when it goes live.it should be anythink whether on paper sketch to a clickable HTML prototype. User mainly referto interactive prototype which allow user to navigate from one page to anotherand also use function like drop down menus. For example: Axure and Mockingbird.

Advantages of prototype of website:1.      Website prototype allows the projectstakeholder to see what the final product will look like in life cycle. 2.     Website prototype will gothrough usability testing. When programming team come confident then it processnext phase.

3.     It save time and alsomoney4.     A website prototype is anexcellent specialized in document for designer and developerDisadvantages of prototype of website.:     1.It takes more time in planning the project before development can start.     2. The cost of making change in developedwebsite is larger than time needed for prototyping.

     3.For beginner in prototype, it can be tricky as there are so many options areavailable.Task 5 5.1.1: The purpose of website 1 is in this website user can sell and buy productand it also shows vacancy of jobs for where user can apply. However, the purposeof website2 is college website which gives information about a particularcollege and the thing that they are offering.

5.1.2:  Website 1 takes7.5s time to fullyupload the whole website in user operator. However, website 2 take a littleless time (7.2s) in uploading a website. 5.

1.3: Website 1 can find easily withoutwriting whole URL whereas website 2 take more time and we have to write almostwhole URL. 5.

1.4: Yes, both thewebsite has search option but trade me have big search option which is veryuseful to user. However, ica website has very small search bar.     5.1.

5:   Boththe websites cannot work with all links. There are some links which are brokenand cannot open.   5.1.6: Both website give good responsetwhether open this website in phone ,tablet or in computer.

As there is ascreenshot to https://www.trademe.co.nz/   screenshot of  iphone        Screenshot for http://ica.ac.nz 5.1.

7: The websites are attractive and userfriendly. There are reasons as under:·        Theyhave presented all contact in top of the website which user need.·        However,both have search bar ·        Theyhave photo which attract the user·        Colourselection is good ·        Thefont size of text is fine 5.2:  There are some suggestions that how website should have inwebsite:In https://www.

trademe.co.nz/·        Theimage that are in webpage, change frequently with high speed. It abstract the userand user cannot focused on it.·        Contentis smaller.

They much increased the size of contents.·        Sometimeuser may be a colour blind, so they must change the colour of webpage·        Theymust reduce some photos for it·        Lotof content can complex the user In http://ica.ac.nz·        Theymust increase the size of content·        Searchbar is small and difficult to write. They must increase the size·        Mustinclude more ne in website.·        Thecolour suddenly changed in the end, it abstracts the user.·        Theyhave only two languages, they must have more languages.


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