Take a step back and imagine a loved one or relative even, that
was dying a slow and painful death due to a sickness and there was nothing you
could do to stop their pain and suffering. And if it got the point in their
life where they felt life was pointless didn’t want to live anymore, what would
you do? I personally wouldn’t want their life to end because I wouldn’t want to
lose them. However, isn’t someone’s life completely up to themselves and they
can choose whether they want to live or die. This is where the idea of
euthanasia steps in, it is the painless killing of a patient suffering from an
incurable and painful disease. This idea is seen as a way to end suffering to
make dying a short-term proposition instead of long-term.


Australia gives us the freedom to make our own choices. The
government allows us to choose our jobs, our family, our religion and more
recently whom we wish to marry. Yet, there has been that constant back and
forth regarding ending someone’s life due to a prolonged constant sickness.
Neither the doctors nor the government should have the power to decide if you
should live or not, as it’s not their life it’s yours, however, it seems much
more complicated. Daniel, a rugby player whom during a training session was
injured, leaving him with a severe spinal injury. He was paralysed from the
chest down, unable to do anything by himself. He had attempted suicide three
times, twice by overdose and once by stabbing himself. Four times he was
assessed by psychiatrists and each found him to be rational, not depressed and
with the mental capacity to make decisions about his treatment. It was his
decision to then travel to a clinic in Switzerland to be euthanized. After this
happened there was great controversy regarding whether his parents should be
prosecuted because they allowed their son to be euthanised. However, isn’t
Daniel a grown man in control of his life and not his parents or anyone else
for the matter of fact. No one else can decide for you how you live your life,
therefore if one wants to go for euthanasia, it should be granted.


The economic factor plays a large role in trying to keep some
alive and most functional. The medical care prices are through the roof and if
we know that the patient isn’t going to get better and is in constant suffering
and wants euthanasia, why not do it if we cannot end the huge amount of pain
and money wasted on a treatment that won’t help, but worsen it instead. People
that are terminally ill, do not want to be an emotional and financial burden to
their relatives, therefore without their existence, they would be lightening
their family’s burdens. Initially it may be unfair to their families but in the
long run, it helps everyone. To keep Daniel alive, it was costing thousands and
thousands for him to just to do day to day things, his house had to be designed
for his disability as well as constantly having assistants and nurses to feed
and wash him. This causes a large strain on his parents as they were the ones
paying for all his upkeep. And what about all the people who can’t afford these
expensive bills, what are their options? Are they just meant to rot away and be
in a constant depression?


The overall idea of euthanasia is to stop a person from having a
bad quality of life. Having a patient suffering does not allow a better quality
of life. At the end of the day, the reason we go to the doctor is to make us
better or try the best they can. They can offer many treatments or options but
if none of them is going to fully recover someone’s life why not consider
euthanasia. The quality of how someone wants to live and how they define it is
up to the patient. Therefore, if the patient isn’t getting the quality of life
they want, the least a doctor can do is to grant them what they want. If it is
the patient’s decision to die then let that happen. Daniel wanted to end his
life he felt that everything was destroyed now and pointless. Could we all not
at least give him what he wants to ensure he had more of a positive life than a
negative one? Spending the rest of your life in a hospital bed, unable to walk,
and unable to do the things you normally do, doesn’t define a good quality of

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So, to keep the idea of a happy life and one full of great quality
isn’t euthanasia a great option? Only yourself can decide on this matter, not
your family, not your friends, not the doctors and need even the government.
Which thankfully the euthanasia bill in Victoria was recently passed. Death is
a final decision; final a destination and euthanasia is about giving the people
the right to choose how they want to live and die. 


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