Table Student for His/her Academic Performance at the

                 Table of ContentsIntroduction. 2Recognizing
Levels of Academic Performance. 2Factors
That Lead to High Academic Achievement 3The
Manner of Improving Academic Performance. 4   

 Introduction First thing
that comes to our mind when we mention the word “Achievement” is success and
hope.       I as a medical student must
recognize the importance of being a high achiever and a great learner. Recognizing Levels of Academic Performance*Some information is briefly mentioned
as the words limit can’t help; starting from the bottom as it’s the first level.Each level covers the learner’s
ability to…Each level outcomes are known by
asking the learner several few verbs… 6.     
Synthesis (Create):To combine elements and correlate them
with each other in a new way.Verbs:(Compose, assemble, plan, collect, construct,
develop, derive, invent, etc…).5.     
(Evaluate):To tribute an
argument, compare opposing arguments, make judgements and so on.Verbs:(Judge, estimate,
value, argue, defend, appraise, support, measure, etc…).4.     
Analysis (Analyze):To segment ideas
and other material learned, showing how it could relate to each other and how it
could be organized again.Verbs:(Differentiate,
criticize, investigate, categorize, solve, connect, etc…).3.     
Application (Apply):To use a
theory or information in new situation.Verbs:(Demonstrate,
practice, classify, experiment, modify, illustrate, etc…).2.     
(Understand):To convey
what they understand.Verbs: (Classify,
explain, predict, associate, discuss, translate, etc…).1.     
(Remember):Verbs: (Describe,
define, recall, memorize, list, name, etc…).Factors That Lead to High Academic Achievement  ·     
Which Suite the Student for His/her Academic Performance at the Administrative
Level:o   Managing
time properly.o   Listing the
priorities of learning needs.o   Family
support. ·     
Which Suite the Student for His/her Academic Performance at the Group Level:o   Learning in
number limited groups.o   Learning in
skills lab.o   Practically
learning with the patients. ·     
Which Suite the Student for His/her Academic Performance at the Individual
Level:o   Intrinsic Motivation:§ 
Motivation to engage in a behavior arises from
within the individual because it is naturally satisfying to you.o  
the information early.o  
the lectures.o  
Learning:§  Simply is processing the
information by a variety of methods to get the information very well understood
and revised.o  
Mind Maps.o  
examination results.o  
for previous mistakes and from others mistakes.

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  The Manner of Improving Academic Performance