The Sun Strap is a flexible solar panel with a built-in
5.800 mAh battery and a 5V/1A USB output that can charge any USB device
such as your smartphone, tablet or camera.

With the Sun Strap, your bag becomes a charging station as
you go about your day but the Sun Strap is designed to be very light and
durable weighing only 5.8oz (165 grams).

The Sun Strap is capable of charging all your
mobile devices and you won’t have to worry about running out of battery when
you are away from outlets.

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The Sun Strap has a large battery that
stores more than one charge of most mobile phones.

You can store up a reserve power on sunny days,
or charge the Sun Strap before leaving your home.

The Sun Strap is designed to fit any bag strap
and become a part of your bag in a stylish and comfortable way

The Sun Strap uses a flexible solar panel that goes around
any bag strap and charges its internal battery as you go about your day. Sun
Strap uses a 1.5W flexible solar panel and has a 5.800 mAh built in battery
that when fully charged is capable of charging an iPhone 5 3½ times. The Sun
Strap is made out of weather and water resistant fabrics.

On the bottom of your Sun Strap you’ll find a 5V/1A USB
output, LED battery indicator and 5V/1A micro USB input so you can always leave
the house with a full battery.Two Types of solar cookers

1 Box type  solar cooker

2 Parabolic solar cooker

Box Cookers Solar box cookers (sometimes called
solar ovens) are the most common and inexpensive type of solar cookers . These
box cookers have a very simple construction and they are made of low cost
materials. The outer box is often made of wood. The inner box is made of
insulating material, which is covered with clear glass or with plastic, and
often has a reflector of aluminum . According to Solar Cooker International,
solar box cookers cook at moderate temperatures and often can accommodate
multiple pots. It can reach a temperature of 140? C. The solar box cooker, like
other solar cookers, needs direct sunshine to operate and produces zero


2 Parabolic solar cooker

In comparison to solar box and panel cookers,
parabolic cookers (sometimes called curved concentrator cookers) can reach much
higher temperatures and can cook more quickly, but require frequent adjustment
and supervision for safe operation, according to Solar Cooker International. It
needs more precision to focus the sunlight on the food in the pan. If the
sunlight is not correctly focused on the food in the pan, the food will not be
cooked well. There are many designs for parabolic solar cooking appliances. Because
of the parabolic shapes and with the aid of reflecting material quite a lot of
solar energy is concentrated in the focal point. A very high temperature of
between 200 and 300ºC can be reached because of a combination of the circular
design, the size and the polished aluminium. It is suitable for baking,
roasting and grilling. Parabolic solar cookers function well if they are used
correctly. However, they are not easy to make and need much care to use. Like
other solar cookers, parabolic cookers also need direct sunshine and they
cannot store and keep sunlight for later use. 


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