The movie Sunrise is considered and was famous as the finest silent film that was ever produced through the Hollywood studio. Officially released in the year 1927, the movie Sunrise was directed by a great German film director Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau or better known as F. W. Murnau in the movie industry. (The New York Times) In a sense, Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau is one of the most influential silent film directors, during the silent era in the first quarter of the 19th century.

The movie Sunrise in 1927 is one of the survivors in the list of silent movie made by director F. W. Murnau, during the prime of silent era, which signifies wordless cinema art in its climax. (The New York Times) Technically, the movie the 1927 silent film Sunrise is an adaptation of a great novel entitled “A Trip to Tilsit”, which was originally written by a great playwright/author Hermann Sudermann. Moreover, the film Sunrise tells the story of “Songs of Two Humans” that had take place in a vibrant farm community, which the local people normally enjoy their weekend rest days.

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In general, the Sunrise story line is a depiction of the tale of a local farmer George O’Brien who is happily married with her beloved wife Janet Gaynor, which is mesmerized by the spell of the local temptress Margaret Livingston and mistreated the rest of his family including his children. (The New York Times) In a film, cinematography plays a profound role, on which with the appropriate lighting the scenes and the construction of movie is enhanced to send the particular message as well as emotions.

For the movie Sunrise, the lighting director had done a great job that every is scene had been very expressive and was effective to send the needed specific emotions. The appropriate lighting in a profound way had gave and supported to depict the supply of emotions in every scene and had made the movie to depict realism in each set up of the scene as well as it supported the suitable era or time of the storyline. Movie angle or camera shots, on the other hand, are as impressive as the cinematography lighting for the movie sunrise.

With the review of the movie, I can clearly say that the camera angles are perfect to construct each significant scene of the movie. Specifically, the camera tracking had been very effective to make the struggles scene of the husband and wife in the movie effective to depict the comprehensive shot in every move of the artist and had added dramatic factor for every scene. Nevertheless, the camera angle for the movie Sunrise had been effective to produce detailed shots in every scene and happening in the story.

In terms of the actors and actresses acting, the movie Sunrise is a movie that has been made under the superb artistic performance of the movie artists in major character role. Specifically, the Hollywood actress “Janet Gaynor” had been amazing for her portrayal of the wife of George O’Brien, on which she had her first academy award for best actress and definitely she deserves as she was really effective in her portrayal in the movie. Moreover, the acting of movie artists in the movie Sunrise is wonderful that every character had been colourful with the meaningful acting of the artists.

Nevertheless, acting had been one of the vital reasons of the success and essentiality of the movie Sunrise. In film editing, the movie director and editor had been through a great job, on which every transition of the movie is effective to support the emotional context of a specific scene. The editing had been substantial to supply the needed adrenalin in each scene, mostly on the latter part or in the struggle scene of the wife. Nevertheless, the transition of film editing had been amazing effects to organize the scene transition of the movie.

Talent costumes, on the other hand, are appropriate to depict the prototype farm community living setting of the movie. The costumes are as well in appropriation of the time and era of the story and were very effective to depict realism of the movie context. In the end, the movie Sunrise in the year 1927 had been socially relevant with its meaningful storyline or context. As the movie progresses the different challenges of family is clearly visible, which the entire family of the local farmer George O’Brien had been through trying moments of their lives when Janet Gaynor (Wife of George O’Brien) had been through series of murder attempts.

With all the factual information on entire movie Sunrise, it is reasonable enough to say that the movie is one of the finest silent movies that had ever done and released in the silent film era. Nevertheless, the movie was a happy ending that the entire family had surpassed and survived together the terrible experience they have been through and together they watched the sun rise again.