SummaryTill this day underground mining and recovery of diamondscontinues in the vicinity of Kimberley, the 19th century saw thediscovery of the early main site. It is limited to scale with major focus onrecovering old tailing dumps just to recover bits and pieces of diamond that wasleft behinds by older recovery processes that had been done before. The Finschmine, was part of the Petra Diamond group which was the second largest producerand operates entirely as an subversive mine using straight sub-level yieldingmethods. Further north in Limpopo province, the Venetia mine owned by De Beersis South Africa’s largest diamond producer, recovering some 8Mct a year. Miningis currently by open-cast methods but the depth limits of the open pit arebeing reached and an underground mine is being developed to continue productionbelow the open pit.PurposeThe purpose of this source was to tell us when and where themines were and how they had actually discovered the diamond and how they wouldextract the diamonds from the rock once they had actually found it and all theprocesses that had to be done just for people to actually the diamond. Thearticle was written for those who want to know where the wealthy and mostpopular mines were situated.

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