and Recommendation


1. To control the unexpected situation of students’
dropouts from educational institutes Government of the responsible countries should
take some remedial measure, such as

2.  Teachers
attendance is essential to keep students at schools so the  Government should ensure the attendance of
teachers in schools to run academic activities.

 3. Availability
of necessary infrastructure is another prerequisite to keep students at
schools. Establishment of school with all basic Facilities such as; furniture,
electricity, water and computer and science lab(Zarif,2012)

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 4. Teachers
performance depends on teacher’s knowledge and skill. So arrange of teachers
training programs to trained the teacher to compete with international level of
education is very essential.

 5.  Parents , students ,and social awareness is
needed to protect the dropout so Community awareness seminar should be launch
to develop the interest of parent and students towards study and avoid school

 6. Every
educational institute should be free from all kinds of external power so
external powers should be abolish from Schools which have adverse effect on
educational system.

 7. Communication
problems is very high in rural areas of these developing countries so the
Government should establish schools near villages to ensure accessibility of
education for rural population.

 8.  There should be free education minimum at
secondary level. The Government should try to support students with free
coaching materials such as uniforms, free books,

 9. If
students are financially solvent, they can study properly. So the Government
should offer scholarships for intelligent and needy students.

 10. Sometimes
parents need loan to send  their children
at school. Study loan should be offered to provide financial support to the

11.  To
compete with the developed world updated curriculum is essential. So  the curriculum should be reviewed and adopted
according to the market demand and international standard.

12.  Early
marriage of the female is the common scenario of the developing countries so trends
of early marriages should be abolish.

13. Sometimes students are afraid of teachers and
tests so Schools should provide favorable environment for students and makes
schools the place of interest for the student. Environment of School would be
interesting and students feel it as a place of learning as well as relaxation
and liberation(Agbenyega , Klibthong ; 2013)


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