questions are very sensitive these days.


“India has one of the
world’s highest suicide rates for youth aged 15 to 29, according to a 2012
Lancet report, which illustrated the need for urgent interventions. Arjun
Bharadwaj, a 24-year-old management student, committed suicide by jumping out
of a 19th-floor hotel room in Mumbai. Media reporting suggested he had been
depressed about failure in exams and repeatedly talked about ending his life on
social media.” as mentioned in HT. Buxar district magistrate Mukesh Pandey, who
allegedly committed suicide on the rail tracks in Ghaziabad where he mentioned
in a note that showed his strained married life and that he was fed up with life

There are millions of
such cases where Life has become a question mark? Earlier people use to live
with the family where they get a hand of mental support and consideration. But
these days it is not the same case if the family is nuclear where a child stays
in boarding schools, parents are busy in converting their 5 digit into 6. The
distance is not just of miles but it has also entered in the lives of people
living under the same room and it works like a cyanide to wind up everything in

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Every person despite
of any age needs a counselor because problems stay with you like a life partner.
Roles of counselor have to be defined here to make people understand the
realistic view not the imaginary meaning which they inculcate in their
cognitive mind. He empathizes rather showing valueless sympathy, he drags you
from darkness to bright light, empowers you. He shows you the way where your
insight does not reach.

Some of the famous
counseling process, people shall prefer are:

Marriage and Family

Guidance and Career

Mental Health

Substance Abuse

Educational Counseling


However, this massive change of trend and
tradition has highlighted the emerging and immediate need for highly trained
mental health professionals to measure the draconian problems like Trauma,
Addiction, Depression, smoking and excessive alcohol, intimacy, partner

Academic and Career concerns so on and so forth
in all sections of Industry and Institutes.

In the recent years, it has been witnessed
that the human instinct is getting converted into animal instinct and thus
criminality is at peak. These days the face is no more the reflection of mind
and soul. The guidance towards right direction is therefore, required.

Even the doctors during Annual Check Visit are these days focusing on Counseling and also mentioned it to be perhaps the most
important aspects of the annual exam.

Churches are sponsoring such event where
psychiatrist Dr. Hans Rudolf Pfeifer said “There can still be such a stigma
attached, so people are afraid to admit they are suffering and put their lives
at risk.


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