is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and
persistence” says Colin Powell .I am a stringent believer of this fact. I
believe that the value of anything would be realized only when it is got
through hard work with a focused attention. My belief shoots from the fact that
I have experienced this many a time in my practical life. This holds good
especially for education. I hail from a decent family with good ethical values.
I was introduced to computers at an early stage. First time when I was in class
nine I was introduced to basics of “C Programming”. I still remember the first
program I wrote to display my parent’s name and was thrilled to see the output.
This computer course in my class nine created a humongous passion towards
computers and invoked many questions about computers and technology in my mind.


continuous struggle to find keys to unlock the gates of knowledge pertaining to
the vast world of technology behind computers, led me to opt for Computer Science during my pre-university education. As I progressed with my computer course in Pre
University, I realized that looking at programs from the hardware perspective
and understanding how things worked “under the hood” added a new dimension to
my programming skills. Hence when it came to making a career decision, Computer
Science was an obvious choice for me. After ranking in the top 3% among more
than 100 thousand aspirants in the state engineering entrance exam, I got into
Siddaganga Institute of Technology (SIT) which is among the top ranked
institutes for computer engineering in the state. 


undergraduate years at SIT helped me to identify my strengths and accordingly develop
the necessary knowledge and skills to pursue them. In my initial year, I learnt
about the abstraction levels which conceal the complexity of computer systems,
starting from solid state devices at the bottom to user programs or softwares
at the top. Later in subsequent years, studying computer science so extensively
from system software to networks, from database to cloud computing and from
object-modeling to compilers gave me a comprehensive exposure to all core
fields which made me revel in it with the sole motive of learning. These areas,
I believe are rapidly developing and offer great scope to one who is confident
of producing productive work and coming up with creative ideas. I always
enjoyed the practical aspects of my studies.



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