Strategy is the direction and scope of an organization
over the long-term: which achieves advantage for the organization through its
configuration of resources within a challenging environment, to meet the needs
of markets and to fulfill stakeholder expectations.

is the most important part of a business. It is how we articulate the vision in
reality. Vision is the most significant part of strategy which gives the
direction where the business have to go and what is the ultimate picture of the
achievements, Mission is the sail of the group of people which give them the
enthusiasm to articulate and relate there work for reasoning and motivate them
to accomplish the vision. To achieve the vision with a mission this makes the
group united to run the business. But that is not enough for success, It also
required planning that how the organization will archive there target, The
planning that is the most important part of strategy. In early stage of the
world history of war the strategies used to win the battle, usually generals
are the most wise man who articulate the strategies and divided the solders
with different task and action but one mission of saving the land or win the
war to save the nation. From that point of view in the business culture the
strategies came to real and the business leaders are the person are leading the
organization towards the vision where they follow one mission which is very
purposeful. To lead the huge team it is very necessary to have a leader with
strategic power. The leader/person should have the significant skills that
differentiate him from the others/followers. That would give the team to follow
and keep them motivated towards the Goal.

If we think very deeply regarding our current
market situation and understand the demand of the market then we will find out
the character of a strategic person to lead the business. We can remember in
our early education regarding the Red ocean strategies and Blue ocean
strategies. In the Blue Ocean strategies where we found most of the business
organizations are fighting in the same area of business where they using different
kind of strategies to compete  with their
competitors who have more or less similar kind of vision and mission, on the
other hand, Blue Ocean strategies shows that, the organization is operating its
business completely different ideas which is also for the consumers and they
have totally different vision and mission which is different and innovative
sometimes creative as well. If we imagine how this ideas comes from then we
could see there is nothing but a human being behind the organization/big
picture. The person is the strategist.

Strategist is really optimistic person and
creative with his idea. He has the real power of imagination which leads him to
articulate his idea in to the reality. He has the real sense of authenticity
that he could able to be very confident and devoted to his vision.   He can analyze the reality and able to make
the long term plan to achieve the goal. He is also able to divide his plan in
to different small plan to make it easier to his followers to archive it
successfully. He has the real capacity to understand the present moment and to
make changes in his plan and to give direction to his team which ultimate lead
them to their vision. The strategist has the real understanding of the
expectations of the stakeholders. He always considers the values and analyzes
the expectations of all stakeholders to make the organization sustainable
considering the financial profit.

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The most important thing is there would be needed
a strategist who will lead the business. He will direct the business where the
business trying to go in the long-term. He has to understand the market trend where
the company will going to survive. Understand the depth of the market and find
out the advantages by the business in the market is the very most quality. He
has to forecast and understand the requirement to complete the target and
accomplish the vision. The strategist must have analyzed the external environment
factors affect the business. What are the values and expectations of those have
the power around the business. We can say elaborately who would direct the
business, find the scope of business and finding the advantages of the business
and integrate the resources as well as
to ensure the values and expectations of stakeholders are the strategist.

We can describe the
relation of strategy which comes out from a strategist and make him successful
by leading the organization considering all the micro and macro environmental
factors which create the dynamics of business. As an aspect of a Business
strategist we can describe that, Strategy is as being a set of decision with
five consecutive questions where execution is the consequence to producing
results within the context of decision.  
I am going to describe that the 5 strategic question which make the
dynamics of business by leading the mindset of a strategist.

Question no 1: What business we should be in? This Question leads the mind of a
strategist to think inside and find the most suitable field of business

Question no 2: How we will add value to those businesses and the performance? This is
the question that influences the strategist to find the solution to organize
the business to the reality. 

Question no 3: What is our target customer? This is the very practical aspect of the
imagination of the strategist that the ultimate consumer and the main
stakeholders who would consume the product or service.

Question no 4: What is the value proposition to the customer? Now is leads to the very
specific product or service what the strategist have to decide considering
other economical and qualitative factors.

Question no5: What are the capabilities we need to distinctive at in order to take
proposition to those target customers? This is the final question which leads
the strategist to find his organizational/Business capabilities considering
different factors. The analysis may use the PEST analysis methods for Macro
environment or SWOT analysis method to understand the Micro Environment. 


With this five consecutive questions which
leads the strategist mind to carry out the business through the organizational
structure. He has to use different tools as well to motivate results throughout
the team execution. These 5 tools is called CORPORATE FIVE. The first
one is the Vision which is actually we are looking to the company in
future as well as ourselves in the company. Mission is what we
are trying to achieve as a company, Business, Team or individuals. Purpose
the meaning why the company exists why the team exists what is the reason
behind it. Strategists use these three tools to motivate him as well as
the team to influence in the performance. And there is also two other tools one
of that it is the plan. Plan describes the actions we are going to take
in the business and the other one is Goal. Goal is where we are going to
set ourselves or the kind of results what we want to achieve. These five are
the most powerful tools the strategist has to use all the time to solve the
above 5 strategic questions.  


According to the observation of Canadian
Academic Henry Mintzberg. He analyzed the behavior and identified and
attributed ten managerial roles of significance in correlation with the
managerial function.


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