Strategic Planning Of Jet Blue Airways

The company has been depicted to be experiencing high competition leading to drastic drop of annual profits. The last couple of years, the company have always received disappointing results of losses in overall operations. Despites the customers’ loyalty, growth of the company has come to a halt due to low level of funds to finance new projects. There are scores of reasons which have been revealed to the stockholders as core contributors to this poor performance of the company. While in a meeting with the stockholders, many of them wanted to known how the companies can improve both their services and performance.

Some were perplexed with the sophisticated nature of the numerous reasons which led to the consecutive poor performance. But through the analysis of the raised reasons, it was clear some where quite natural problems and others were external. In addition, some were exclusively internal based. It appeared that most of nature cases were closely related to changes of weather of which this required much technical methodology for the resolutions. The major external factors which were raised involved to high prices of fuels which the many members believed could only be solved by looking for alternatives of cheaper fuels and suppliers.

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However, the service delivery within the company obligations was also a major issue. Due to unacceptable low level of services, a number of individuals were selected to research on the matter and bring the findings to the members. (Jetblue Airways, 2008) Current service deliveries Through the data analysis, it appeared that the customers were not satisfied by offering them services of exceptional brands packed with industrious crewmembers. The company has used this strategy for most of its operations where it has invested a lot in acquiring flight airplane for executive class travelers.

Such jet have offered travelers more than great seat comfort by giving travelers lots of entertainments through great direct TV, and radio programs. It has eminently involved its activities on employing extraordinary employees with intensive training that has enable them to be dedicated and passion filled employees. This is evidently demonstrated by their high rated concerns on traveler needs. The introduction of onboard snacks and beverage service is an overt of the humane nature they have within their hearts.

Since the company’s establishment, ticketing procedures were far much advanced. It served as a pioneer on ticketing by use of card membership. The company has expressed its commitment to high services delivery whereby its communication means through the internet has enabled online ticketing, and consultation. Besides the internet services use to the company own operations, the company prompts travelers to links useful for travelers’ needs like accommodation in different hotels and restaurants. The company is portrayed to have depended on such services as core for its prosperity.

However, the successfulness of the company as profit operating firms has now dropped with many new air travelers being absorbed by other newly upcoming companies. This has being associated with the consistence and reliable travel services in those companies. This means that the customers are no longer interested with services of comforts but considerably unreliable. (Martin, 1996) Causes of the unreliability of the company services Generally, two major factors were identified as the principal causes of the unreliability of the services of the company to the customers.

Bad weathers were pointed out the leading cause. These included such wide extraordinary experiences of weather changes such as the hurricanes of Katrina, Rita and Wilma. The second factor which was unveiled as cause to unreliable services was air traffic control congestion in the major operating zones. This not only resulted to delay traveling of the customers by it also led to some great extent the cancellations of many planned flights. The customers did get affected by delayed and cancellations of travel which is now a cause of the company reputation.

Ways of providing reliable flight travel In order for the company to rejuvenate from the poor performance, the company would thus need to use technology in the manufacture of special aircrafts. The strategy has been used by many other companies with airlines operations and it has been a success. The special aircrafts have high penetrations in bad weather whose engine power can propel at very high speed. Its moderate body weight makes it to have great stability and its size to be suited for low number of passenger carriage.

This kind of operation is used not only as a measure of increasing the numbers of travelers during time of risky environments when other companies’ flight are at halt, but the same strategy has been useful in the reduction of high risks to the company in cases of abrupt weather changes. (Ralston and Ian, 2006) Besides the ability to maintain travel services, the company is expected to have increased travels. The provisions of more aircrafts to the company which can offer unrestricted aircrafts to the customers create confidences to the customers and this increases the company’s new customers.

This has double advantages to the company as there have increased customers, they then also attain even great completion factor of their travel within the speculated schedules. Challenging of the obstacles on weather conditions is unfathomable merit to the company which gives it the opportunity to widening its customers market in those regions which are depicted as prone to high adverse weather changes. (Martin, 1996) Apart from demonstrating high reliability, small travel groups could be arranged in accordance to the occupancy space of the aircrafts.

The availability of the special air crafts can be taken advantage of by individuals, families, relatives and friends or any other small sized groups who wish to have a tour on hired flight traveling. By focusing on the improvement of reliable services through technological improvisation of the aircrafts, the company is obliged to bring changes on the efficiency of landing and taking off. This means aircraft’s ground time is to be minimized. This requires the cooperation of the management of the company with other bodies which offers flight services such as the FAA.

The proper coordination of the management with the various other organizations makes airport congestion and air traffic delays less volatile with much improvement on communications. Conclusion We believe that by adaptation to the new kind of aircrafts and operations, the company is going to curb the problem of unreliable services to its customers. The company will therefore be able to attract new customers hence maximize the profitability level by offering much competitive business operations.

This will be realized by tapping the customers who travel frequently and those with agent needs of which have time limits. If the company management adapts the strategy, we hope it will be able to save traders from experiencing difficulties during fall and winters season on air travel. Hence, the company would be boosted on its performance by having a burst of customers at such periods. In general, the company will enjoy the fruits of brand, classic services and minimal competition which creates kind of monopoly during such periods.