http://www. planware. org/strategicsample. htm Strategic Plan for AnyBiz Inc This document sets out a strategic plan for AnyBiz Inc. It reviews strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities; presents a series of statements relating to AnyBiz Inc’s vision, mission, values and objectives; and sets out its proposed strategies and goals. [pic] Strengths, Weaknesses, Threats & Opportunities

This strategic plan addresses the following key strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities for AnyBiz Inc: |Strengths: |Weaknesses: | |R and D almost complete |Overdependent on borrowings – Insufficient cash resources | |Basis for strong management team |Board of Directors is too narrow | |Key first major customer acquired |Lack of awareness amongst prospective customers | |Initial product can evolve into range of offerings |Need to relocate to larger premises | |Located near a major centre of excellence |Absence of strong sales/marketing expertise | |Very focused management/staff |Overdependence on few key staff | |Well-rounded and managed business |Emerging new technologies may move market in new directions | |Threats: |Opportunities: | |Major player may enter targeted market segment |Market segment is poised for rapid growth | |New technology may make products obsolescent |Export markets offer great potential | |Economic slowdown could reduce demand Distribution channels seeking new products | |Euro/Yen may move against $ |Scope to diversify into related market segments | |Market may become price sensitive | | |Market segment’s growth could attract major competition | | Vision The promoters’ vision of AnyBiz Inc in 3-4 year’s time is: |AnyBiz will be operating from a xxx sq. ft. unit near xxx Town. It will have annualized sales of $xxx and be profitable. | |It will employ xxx people mainly engaged in R and D, marketing, support and admin.

AnyBiz will offer xxx core products | |and provide added-value services to a large customer base throughout the xxx market segments and in xxx countries | |overseas. AnyBiz’s offerings will be technically advanced and offer many clear-cut advantages and improvements over | |competitors’ possible offerings. AnyBiz will continue to expand through organic growth and acquisitions in related | |technology/market segments. It will have recently received mezzanine finance prior to a public offering. | Mission Statement The central purpose and role of AnyBiz Inc is defined as: |AnyBiz designs, develops and markets advanced systems for specialist data capture and transaction processing management. | |These web-based systems work with specialist hardware supplied by major integrators.

They are sold to small, medium and | |large-sized companies within the xxx industries for a range of specialist applications. AnyBiz’s systems are | |distinguished from competition by their sophisticated interfaces, scalability and ease of modification and are | |extensively patented. Sales are made directly and through major distributors/OEMs in the home market and overseas. | Corporate Values The corporate values governing AnyBiz Inc’s development will include the following: • AnyBiz operates in accordance with the highest standards in all relationships with customers, suppliers, environment and the community. • AnyBiz fosters a climate which encourages innovation and diligence amongst staff and rewards accordingly. Business Objectives

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Longer term business objectives of AnyBiz Inc are summarized as: • To expand the business aggressively and offer above-average returns to shareholders. • To become the leading, innovative systems company within the xx market segments. Key Strategies The following critical strategies will be pursued by AnyBiz Inc: 1. Accelerate product launches by strengthening R and D team 2. Extend links with key technology centres 3. Raise additional venture capital 4. Expand senior management team in sales/marketing 5. Recruit non-executive directors 6. Strengthen human resources function and introduce share options for staff 7. Appoint advisers for intellectual property and finance 8.

Seek new market segments/applications for products The following important strategies will also be followed: 1. Locate new premises adjacent to xxx 2. Commission assessments of key markets 3. Start participating in trade shows and missions 4. Develop overseas market entry plans 5. Pursue strategic alliances with complementary players 6. Strengthen web presence and promote 7. Seek new market segments/applications for products Major Goals The following key targets will be achieved by AnyBiz Inc over the next 3-4 years: • Achieve sales of $xx million by 200X • Report annualized profits of $xx million in 200X • Secure xx% of the xx market segment by 200X Become largest supplier of xxx systems in xx countries within xx years • Undertake an IPO by 200X • Employ xxx people including xx% technically qualified by 200X • Have sales offices or agents in xx key markets before 200X Strategic Action Programs The following strategic action programs will be implemented: 1. CEO: Prepare comprehensive business plan and develop contacts to raise VC within 6-9 months. 2. CFO: Recruit Marketing Director and other key staff for marketing/sales and HR Director within 3-4 months. 3. TechDir: Review R and D resources and scope for technical alliances – expand with arrival of VC. 4. Board: Expand BoD to include further independent financial, technical and industrial expertise prior to seeking VC. 5.

All: Develop and implement accelerated market entry and development plans. Compiled using Online Strategic Planner at www. planware. org © Copyright 2001-2011 PlanWare – Invest-Tech Limited. All rights reserved. [pic] Get Further Help This plan was compiled using the free Online Strategic Planner. For further information on many aspects of preparing a strategic plan, review the white papers on Getting Business Ideas (if a startup), Devising Business Strategies and Preparing a Strategic Plan. If a strategic plan is being prepared as part of a comprehensive business plan, see also How to Write a Business Plan and Free-Plan. [pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic]


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