Globalization is a process of integration and interaction between companies, people and governments of different countries in the world, the process of globalization is aided by the current developments in information technology and driven by investments and international trade. Globalization has effects on culture, environment, economic development, political systems and on the physical well being of people around the world (Jagdish, 2004).

Riordan Manufacturing has been affected by globalization in that it has to produce products that comply with the set international standards and therefore it has to make major changes in its management for it to achieve this. The Company has been forced to come up with ways of carrying out its own internal auditing exercise, keep updated records of the quality of its product and write specifications that ensure the company is able to meet all of the total quality procedures that must be met for the company to have a competitive advantage over other similar companies globally.

Globalization has also affected Riordan Manufacturing in that the registration process in the international market has led to more complex total quality management. The Riordan Manufacturing has to produce goods that comply with the ISO standards for it to be competitive globally and this improvement on the products makes the total quality management of the company more complex (Riordan-manufacturing. com).

The Company has to ensure that its employees are well informed and skilled so as to produce goods that are quite competitive in the international market, this has caused the company to come up with a way of training its personnel in total quality management issues. The total quality management of the company has been made more complex by the fact that the company must achieve and sustain an optimum level of profitability so as to ensure that there is the required human and financial capital for it to grow internationally.

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