Strategic Plan Alignment

The success of the United Healthcare can perhaps be attributed to the broad conception of corporate alignment. This is the form of integration that provides strong internal organizational behavior and the external social responsibility that addresses the corporate relationship with its external stakeholders. It is a healthcare institution which is involved in provision and attention of medical care above providing medical insurance covers.

Its service plan is bounded on four aspects which are the provision of medical attention, employment off professional staff, consumption of healthcare products and services as well as provision of insurance policies and covers to its client. The success in its activities involves corporate integration at various levels. (https://www. uhcindia. com/aboutus. asp) At one level, a managerial treatment occurs between its management and the different internal stakeholders.

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Various managerial aspects such as adequacy in supervision, compensation management and strong hierarchy in its internal management have provided a persuasive environment with which the management team can relate with the junior employees and other internal stakeholders. A strong aspect of relationship between the various internal stakeholders has been essential in driving towards a strong organizational behavior. The internal stakeholders are characterized by strong collaboration and integration with one another at their different capacities.

Consequently, this has enhanced a strong functionality of the organizational activities. It has a strong relationship with the external stakeholders who include customers, government entities, suppliers of products and services, shareholders and other stakeholders. Such strong relationship has been important towards its current state of corporate social responsibility across the domains of the external stakeholders and the organization.

The organizations success is guided by compliments of both short term and long term plans. In the short run, it has the plans of providing healthcare services that meets the various demands of its clients. These include medical and insurance. Elsewhere, it has the mission of a strong corporate functionality guided by principles of professionalism and management. One of its plans is healthcare for all without any form of discrimination.

At the long term, the organization has the plan of continued establishment and provision of healthcare services that meets the changing demands of the society. It has the plan of integrating itself to incorporate itself in a wide geographical area thus having a strong competitive advantage in its service. Elsewhere, it is endowed with provision of its services according to the changing technological and medical structuralization. The basics of its long term goals are embedded in ensuring complete medical coverage and healthcare insurance for all people.