Reaction Paper Submitted by: remarine r. dalman Submitted to: Dr. Reynaldo Venezuela Introduction As an entrepreneur Steve Jobs is a man who have a great idea to know what is the important in business in order to have progress. Steve Story touches to every individual who have plan to make their business exist. Being a businessman according to Jobs experience is not easy to build if you have not a good vision to it. Steve Jobs story tell about what is the world of business is all about and it is not only a passion but it require double goals, effort and strategy in order that your product will be sold easily.

In Steve Jobs experience we realize that it is difficult for an entrepreneur to manage and expand the venture created and in this case if the venture grows it needed for more and more administration in order to survive. Theoretical Framework Steve Jobs from an early age think what his future all about. He begun to associate or get involved people those who have an idea in business and by his always searching he find success in a product they made and it make him a great change of life.

Steve Jobs is a man who have great idea even he didn’t finished college degree and he find way to make money, he is also an ideal man and involved in any venture like Atari which is the best selling games and in Apple Computer. Jobs have a great potential in business and idea he made. Jobs when he a good idea on how to expand the business to become productive he proved to it that it make their partners in worth. Steve Jobs and Wozniak open a production line. Jobs associate many businessman to introduce Apple Computer as their finished product and also involved in partnership to raised Apple Computer to become success.

When the time come that Apple Computer need more strategy to become productive. Jobs make other idea to get involved another business called McIntosh and when Jobs find some argument with their co- workers he had a difficulty to handle the situation of a business and the time come ha ask to resign from the company he helped most. Even he left in one company his dream will continue and what he think that he find people who are talented and well articulated. Jobs proved that he manage well to other firm he made. ANALYSIS

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In business like Steve Jobs, needs more effort and have a great idea to meet your business productive. Like Steve Jobs even he find any strategy to become Apple Computer well sold. There is also another competition that your business did not exist. The entrepreneur must know what latest in the technology now because people in the world of business choose what the best is and look the quality of the product they want to buy. In putting a new venture it require a lot of ideas to make business succeed. It’s not easy to handle the people who are not willing to introduce and to serve what kind of business you have.

Like Steve Jobs he enter any venture he helped on how to become productive bur there is also people who are not willing how to find strategy to improve. Steve Jobs he did not content in one venture and he is trying where he can find his future in business. He did not focus on one but he is enter and involved any company that he’s ideas would fit to the product because he is ideal and single mindedness man. In business you have to understand your goals, listen to their ideas because people are the power of business.

CONCLUSION I conclude that Steve Jobs an ideal man in business he is also a man who have a great potential to succeed for future. I considered him as a great entrepreneur because he survives to the trial he encounter in a company. I conclude that even the business would failed it is not the ending but there is another chance to build it again and start a new one with worth. Like Steve Jobs he find another company where his ideas would fit. RECOMMENDATION Steve Jobs has a brilliant ideas, that is why I recommend him to continue his alive works, because he can gain income out of it and he well-known as the best computer experts.


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