Since the beginning of time, man has always been the dominant factor in the society and the household. In view of the fact that the women are responsible for giving birth to children, the caretaking of the house and children are the only factors that have been attributed to them. After feminist movements, females took more interests in education and entered into the working arena. The work scenario accepted women, but till date there is always an amount of prejudice associated towards them. Matters of promotion, responsibility and even management are always given preference to the male counterparts in the office, over female employees.

Due to globalization and technology, the manpower recruited for companies and large organizations requires their employees to have a blend of decision making and understanding risks. Today most offices recruit female employees on the same perspective as they would for an employee, but still when the time comes for increasing responsibilities or for promoting someone to cater managerial responsibilities, males have been given more choice over their female colleagues. Corporate houses have been indulging in keeping females for lower managerial positions but they have not been giving them more chances to grow with the organization.

Countries like Greece have been facing this as major problem in offices. To break this trend more females ventures into business administration courses, but still on a comparative note, men who graduated with similar degrees have reached top managerial brass, while females are still struggling with their promotions (Dimitios Mihail. Page. 374. 2006). Women have been subjected to this discrimination since long, and it has become seeming incomprehensible that women would be always ignored when it comes to give better opportunities and responsibilities.

Women will always have issues reaching topper levels of management. One part of the blame that is women who reach top managerial positions, tend to assimilate more women in their group, and the comfort level amongst themselves is much higher than male colleagues (Patricia L. Smith and Stanley J. Smits . Page 2) Women are considered to be more pragmatic with their decisions these days when compared to their male colleagues. The choice of decisions and insights that female managers have shown are much higher and better than male managers.

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For sending employees to become expats in different countries, males have always been chosen for multiple stereotype reasons. The myth of corporate resistance was true; half of the companies surveyed do hesitate to send women abroad . Companies are also preferring not to appoint female managers, because they feel, that these managers would get more backlash from their male employees and would eventually not be able to create the desired results (Shefali Patil. Page 58. 2008). Business houses have also brought up a complaint that women are not interested in taking international managerial position and that is why they are not send.

But in actual terms it is not true, , but when a survey was conducted of 1000 graduating MBA students, than it was concluded that there was not much of difference in replies of male and female prospective managers and today choosing an international job was no longer taboo for women. However a psychological aspect that is considered for keeping women away from top positions is the amount of family pressure they endure on them, thus failing on their responsibilities (Arthur. G. Bedeian, Beverly. Burke & Richard Moffett. Page 476. 1988).

Emotional interference factors are associated for dissuading females for higher managerial positions. Male dominancy and male ego are prime factors that have been barricading female employee’s growth in companies. Even after showing consistent performances, still there have been questions raised on their capabilities. Females generally prove to be better mangers than men, which is another ego bruiser for male mangers. The amount of time taken for a male employee to reach higher levels is far lesser than female employees, and the primary reason would always be the fact that they would have to take orders from a female.

The following piece would explain the better qualities of women when compared to men: ‘Areas in which women outperformed men include resolving conflicts, producing high-quality work, adapting to change, developing their own capabilities, and motivating and inspiring others’ (By Brian S. Moskal. Page 17. 1997). Women have been better situation handles compared to men, and have effectively operated internationally in situations which had been given up male colleagues. Women’s prejudice in office has to be stopped.

Companies that have taken them seriously have been succeeding and achieving newer levels of success. Today the top companies of the world are boasting of female CEO’s and VP’s. These top female managers have raked in profits for their respective companies and have created an aura of success overlooking gender stereotypes. If organizations today all look in this direction and give better chance for their female employees, then it is unlikely they would repent their decisions and would only be in profit in the end.


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