Stereotype is a prejudice notion or set of notions that is used to define members of an ethnic or other social group, which is outside one’s direct experience. It can be described as a simple and erroneous idea, which negatively affects the ability that a person has to understand members of a social group. It is a fixed impression, which has little facts because it is based on rumors, heresy or anecdotal evidence (Stockdale & Faye pg 174). Stereotypes affect development of many workplaces.

There are a lot of stereotypes, which are found in many workplaces. This is a situation where coworkers hold some beliefs which are not true about there fellow workers. This affects the relationships that exist in the work place. There are stereotypes, which are based on gender, age, ethnic background and according to education level. The stereotypes affect the way operations in a work place are undertaken. For instance, the way employee selection is done, promotions, recruitment and compensation.

Stereotypes hinder workers who the stereotypes are directed from attaining some positions or from getting employment. For example, stereotypes such as women are not capable of holding managerial positions hinder women from being promoted in certain positions. There are also stereotypes that young people are not experienced to take leadership positions. These stereotypes hinder the young workers to acquire leadership positions. Stereotypes in workplaces arise because of lack of respect for diversity, which exist in many working places (Konrad & Pringle pg 42-43).

Stereotypes have negative effects to many workplaces many people who are capable of enhancing productivity, for example, of a business fail to work in the right positions because of the stereotypes held against them. Management of various workplaces should come up with policies, which include where there is recognisation, and respect for diversity. This is a situation where every worker capability is recognized without application of the stereotypes.

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