Stereotyping Different Groups of People

Stereotyping can be described as a generality that is associated with a certain group of people which is normally inflexible. Stereotyping can be developed from rumors, media, history and friends. Stereotyping Different Groups of People Politicians are normally stereotyped to be good liars who convince people easily and lack touch with common people. They are normally seen to be short of honesty and integrity basing their candidature on lies. They make empty pre-election promises to people and most of the time they never fulfill them.

They are also seen as being corrupt and strategic in making moves that will benefit them politically. They are seen as not caring for the people and their main aim is the financial gain they get from their jobs. Tattooed persons are seen as law breakers and drug abusers who are likely to elicit a lot of trouble. Tattoos are associated with certain subcultures such as gothic, rock, gangsters and hip-hop. People with tattoos are seen as unhealthy, unwanted and unconventional according to psychology (Cucklin, 2007).

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Tattooed people are perceived to lack seriousness in life and this makes them miss out on job opportunities. Feminists are viewed as angry, hateful, destructive and selfish. They are seen as being bitter and emanating a lot of hatred for men. They are viewed as domineering and their quest for independence is seen as male bashing. Sometimes their sexuality is under attack as they are labeled to be lesbians (Spartan Daily, 2002). The senior citizens are viewed as a financial burden to the society. They are normally seen as people past their sell-by date who are dysfunctional.

Senility and mental illness is normally associated with these old people. They conjure an image of dentures, dementia and boredom. People view them as the next candidates for the morgue since they suffer from myriads of illnesses associated with age (Feduris, 2004). These groups invoke these images in most people since rumors, media and the family have reinforced these believes in many people over years. A good example is on tattooed people belonging to a certain subculture. Show me a rock or hip hop artist who does not have a single tattoo.

These stereotypes are normally negative and unfair to the group of people who are generalized and grouped into one category. However they have a positive impact as the group stereo typed is likely to work hard to prove them wrong. A feminist is likely to refrain from making statements that will lead to her being labeled as a male basher. She is likely to participate in issues that address gender inequality without sounding bitter. Some phrases used to reinforce stereotypes are: show me a politician who is not a liar. Honesty and politicians are like oil and water.

Would you let a person with tattoos allover their body be your CEO? Show me a gangster with no tattoos and I will call you a liar. Feminists are bitter, inadequate, and selfish women, who hold claims of championing for rights of their species. Show me a feminist who hasn’t had their heart broken by a man and I will believe in their course. Senior citizens are a great financial burden to their families and a country as a whole. Imagine when you grow old, suffer from dementia and you are taken to an old peoples home where you will be playing dominoes as you adjust your dentures.

These phrases conjure up thoughts of these groups of people and most people view them as the gospel truth. There is some truth in these stereotypes because no particular politician can fulfill all the promises they made to the electorate during the campaign period. Opposition from other parties and allegiance to their own party is likely to hinder the politician from fulfilling their promises. Most feminists elicit a lot of hatred for men and normally forget their first priority of fighting for gender equality.

Members of several gangs use tattoos as a method of initiation and most old people suffer from dementia. African Americans are associated with crime and drugs. Most people who have been incarcerated in American prisons are black Americans and thus there is an element of truth in this perception. Blacks are discriminated on the basis of their color by whites who think they are more superior. Evacuation after hurricane Katrina in New Orleans bore a witness to the existing racial prejudice in America. Conclusion I have learnt that everybody holds some stereotypes that they consider as the gospel truth.

There are some opinions I have developed in my life due to hearing about certain things from the media, friends and family. I have judged people harshly because they have tattoos as I view them as jokers and gangsters. I also fear growing old as I have heard of the many diseases and problems associated with age. Since time immemorial, I have known that politicians lie to garner votes and they do not care about other people’s welfare. I have gathered all these thoughts from the stereotypes that I have grown up with and somehow they have shaped my thoughts on many issues.