There are positive and negative stereotypes which are general impressions about particular social groups or race. These stereotypes, however, do not apply to all individuals within a group or race. People prejudge and discriminate those who are being stereotyped thus, they fail to know the real attributes or character of the stereotyped group/race. Negative stereotypes, like Asian women are aggressive sexual beings, result in negative self-image, stress, mental illness, pressure to conform, and ineffective intercultural interactions of the Asian women.

Western films and literature have promoted the abovementioned stereotype of Asian women who are being portrayed as “Geisha girls”, war brides, or prostitutes. This portrayal of Asian women as sex objects has adversely affected the women’s image that even if they are raised by decent and rich families and have gone to prestigious Asian or Western schools, their chance of getting equal footing with Western women is very slim.

Asian women are perceived as just mail-order brides and objects of pornography. This stereotype has been also gaining strong grounds due to the widespread proliferation of pornography especially in the Internet which is now easily accessible globally. It is a fact that pornography using Asian women is being exported overseas and this has contributed to the highly sexualized image of Asian women in general. In movies, the Asian women’s sex appeal makes white men redeem them from the quagmire they are in.

Moreover, their being cultural and gender guides for foreign men are being misconstrued as prostitution in subtle ways. These stereotypical portrayals continue to downgrade the intellectual capabilities of Asian women. They are being considered as just sexual beings even if the majority has lived decent lives and has gotten higher education in prestigious schools in Asia or in the West. Some have even adapted the Western culture, influenced by their academic and social environment.

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With the aforementioned negative stereotype, racists and discriminating people have barred themselves from having an association with the Asian women. Their perceptions are already mired with the negative attributes thus, it has become a struggle for Asian women to rise beyond this stereotype no matter how decent they live their lives and no matter how hard they try to be of equal footing with the Western women.


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