There is no doubt that stereotype exist in every society. Majority of the people especially from minority groups have ever experienced stereotype or prejudice at least in one moment in their life time. Stereotype is a misconception held by a group of people about another group. There are various forms of stereotypes that exist in the society which are based on religion, race or gender. There are various factors that lead to the birth of stereotypes in individuals. The influence by other members of a group for example teachers, parents and peers is the main factor that results into stereotypes.

Other factors include applying the personality observed in an individual from a certain group to the entire group. In many cases, people are tempted to predefine the cultures and personalities of individuals from a group without proper acquaintance with their characters and personalities (Terracciano, et al, pg 96). Although the American society has increasingly mended the racial stereotypes and limitations that have existed in the society for many years where blacks or Asians are involved in activities that were predominantly white activities, racial stereotypes still exists especially in relation to interracial intimate relationships.

Being an Asian male, I have experienced racial stereotype that face Asian men in the American society in relation to interracial relationships. I hold dearly my cultural heritage which I was raised in but I always lament due to the prejudice that the Asian men in the American society are faced as they try to establish intimate relationships with women from other races. There is also an increasing trend where Asian women are developing prejudice against Asian men. Unlike our black male counterparts who are favored by racial stereotypes and termed as hypersexual, the Asian men are completely opposite.

The labeling as un-manly by women from other races and also some Asian women has been very burdensome to bear with. It is not easy to explain the dehumanizing effects as a result of stereotype against we Asian men but there is no doubt that it exists abundantly in the American society. Men as well as women from other races have gulped these misconceptions about Asian men leading to a common believe that we are subservient and inferior compared to males from other races.

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It is very infuriating for a man to be ridiculed when he tries to extend intimate relationship to other races. Some people may argue the intimidations faced by Asian men are as a result of lack of financial stability or aesthetics but this is not true. Rather, it is as a result of myths about Asian men who are considered un-manly based on their penile length. It is more humiliating when the same position is held by females of my own race. Asian women have developed similar stereotypes against Asian men and prefer men from other races.

Racial stereotypes may be more bearable when they affect interracial relationships but are unbearable when I cannot pursue a woman from my own race for the same reason. Although Asian women are also negatively labeled as sex objects in the mass media, they are not affected as men are due to their labeling as lesser men (Shimizu, pg 87). I am not condemning the Asian women for allowing themselves to be snatched away from Asian men but highlighting this may be important to understand the absurdity of stereotypes faced by Asian men in the American society.


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