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Professor McDermott
13, December 2017

Smith, Amber. The Girl I Used To Be by April Henry. New York: Christy Ottaviano Books, Henry Holt and Company, 2016
The Girl I Used to Be is a to a great degree fitting title on two levels. The book is about Olivia Reinhart (the principle character in the book), imagined Ariel Benson, who is attempting to comprehend what happened to the young woman she used to be. Ariel’s people were exceptionally youthful when they had her. They never married and as often as possible battled. Fourteen years prior her mom’s body was found in a woods in the Southern Oregon Cascade mountains. The family had gone into the woods to discover a Christmas tree when a horrendous disaster unfurled. Her mom had been cut nineteen times and had frantically attempted to ward off her executioner. It was broadly trusted that her dad murdered her mom and after that headed to the Salem Walmart where he dropped three year old Ariel off. His auto was later discovered surrendered at the airplane terminal. She was soiled, scratched, and too much young and harmed, making it difficult to express her character or what had happened to her. A failed gathering at nine years of age left her with a changed name. By and by Ariel is 17, and new affirmation has been discovered that movements all that she contemplated that repulsive day in the forested regions. She returns to her old principle home of Medford, Oregon, to try to understand what really happened. Regardless, only one out of every odd individual needs reality to turn out. The second level on which the title works is that it’s for the most part about the young woman she used to be.
The principle struggle in the book is that everybody believes ariel’s dad executioner her mom, however he didn’t. In spite of the fact that the story sets aside some opportunity to increase, Henry works to a heart beating peak. Perusers will probably have the capacity to make sense of who the executioner is, yet Henry gathers together the standard suspects; a rationally sick man, a previous sweetheart, and a schoolmate whose life appeared to unexpectedly pivot after the killings. Seventeen year old Olivia Reinhart’s life is abruptly attracted to the past when Detective Campbell and Chaplain Farben land at her flat to disclose to her that her missing father has been found. Olivia’s genuine name was Ariel Benson and her folks were Naomi Benson and Terry Weeks. Analyst Campbell who is from the Portland police discloses to Olivia that her dad’s jawbone was as of late found by a lady strolling her pooch. His remaining parts were distinguished through DNA testing and they now trust her parent’s executioner likely was the person who drove her to the Walmart. Police are as yet attempting to decide an intention as burglary was a far-fetched rationale on the grounds that Olivia’s folks did not have cash. It’s conceivable Olivia was left alive in light of the fact that she was considered excessively youthful, making it impossible to tell police what she had seen. Olivia recollects the scenes that conveyed her mom’s murder on America’s Most Wanted. The principal scene helped police found her when she disappeared. After her mom’s murder and her dad’s vanishing, three year old Ariel was brought to live with her grandmother who soon kicked the bucket. Ariel was set in child care and afterward embraced when she was eight years of age by Tamsin Reinhart who was an orthopedic specialist in Portland. She changed Ariel’s name to Olivia. Olivia was desolate and terrified yet started carrying on in view of her outrage. In the end Tamsin surrendered Olivia.
Scattered all through Olivia’s first individual account are flashbacks to the wrongdoing, however none truly uncover much as one would anticipate from a man who is attempting to recall an occasion that happened when they were three years of age. Olivia is a decided, versatile hero who must reexamine her past, her parent’s relationship and how she ponders her dad whom she accepted was a murderer.  To illuminate the wrongdoing, Olivia as it were, goes under cover in Medford. Individuals don’t recall her identity on the grounds that Olivia left when she was a youngster. Her association with Nora, companion and neighbor to Olivia’s grandma and mother,  enables Olivia to go to her dad’s wake unrecognized. This leads me to feel that Nora shows some kindness and is an extremely minding individual.
  Before attenting the wake Olivia stops to see her grandma’s old home. This house will be hers when she turns eighteen; Olivia gets rental pay from inhabitants yet the house has been empty throughout the previous three months. At the home she meets her old neighbor, Nora Murdoch who doesn’t perceive Olivia. Nora was companions with Olivia’s grandma, Sharon and she enlightens Olivia concerning what happened to Sharon’s girl Naomi and her daughter Ariel. Olivia offers to take Nora to the burial service in Medford. At the administration, Olivia sees photos of her dad and meets  some of her dad’s relatives, in spite of the fact that they don’t know Olivia is his girl. In participation is Sam, her dad’s ex, her Aunt Carly and her little girl, Richard Lee a companion of Olivia’s dad, his closest companion Jason, Heather who was closest companion to Olivia’s mom Naomi. Olivia additionally meets an adorable person named Duncan, whose guardians know Olivia’s dad. Olivia reveals to Duncan that she’s from Seattle since she needs to keep her character mystery.
Olivia makes courses of action to lease her grandma’s home without uncovering her character, persuading Richard Lee who is the property administrator she can pay the lease. She additionally figures out how to land herself a position at Fred Meyers. At the house, Olivia is gone to by Duncan who uncovers to her that he knows she is Ariel Benson. This is a direct result of a scar on the palm of her hand because of a mischance that included both of them when they were youngsters. When he doubts Olivia with respect to why she never disclosed to her family at the burial service, she denies she is Ariel and after that demands that he not tell anybody her actual character. Olivia is worried that whoever executed her folks may at present be occupied with realizing what she recollects and may attempt to discover her. She is sure the executioner is somebody who lives in Medford. Duncan at that point appears at Fred Meyers and reveals to Olivia that he comprehends why she doesn’t need individuals to know her actual character, yet demands that she will  require his assistance to realize what truly happened to her folks. This demonstrates to me that duncan has affections for Olivia to need to in any case help her even after she had a go at denying her actual personality to him. Olivia reluctantly consents to give him a chance to help her and together the two start to delve further into what happened that day. It’s just when Olivia comes back to the site of the murders that things start to warm up, setting Olivia square in the sights of the genuine executioner.
I enjoyed Olivia. Her circumstance is kind of special and I was quickly captivated. She was an intriguing character and I appreciated being in her mind. I truly associate with this book in light of the fact that ariel and duncan are better than average companions and I have great companions that way. This book associates with this present reality in light of the fact that tragically individuals do get killed. It additionally interfaces with me in light of the fact that Olivia is endeavoring to make sense of her life as am I. 
My novel would not be unique if the fundamental character was the contrary sexual orientation. I see all sexual orientations the same.


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