Stars low relative market share on the high

Stars products have high market share on the high sales growth market. Sony PS3 on the star category. Because PS3 have highest market share %55 in the game console market. Microsoft Xbox has market share %24.Cash cows products have high market share in low sales growth market. Sony Home entertainment products on the cash cow category. Sony produces drama series and movies. Sony entertainment produce famous movie like karate kid and spider man. Sony have %12 market share on the entertainment market.Question Mark products have low relative market share on the high sales growth market. Sony playstation motion the  Question mark. Because X-box and Nintendo produced Kinect sport and Wii sports. Sony produced Playstation motion on that category. But Sony playstation motion not enough for competitive. Company have to work on product development, if Sony wants to stay in that industry it should formulate product development strategy for the playstation motion.Dogs products have low relative market share in low sales growth market. Sony PSP  on the dogs part. Because company launched PSP but failed to satisfy the needs of customer .MARKET PENETRATION Company enters the same market with new product in market penetration strategy. Companies make add and some campaign on the that part. PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT     In product development strategy, Company enters same market with new product.The PS3  is added to product development category by Sony. Sony did it due to increasing accelerate of the gaming console market and has got a great majority of the market cut. The thing is, Sony keep up the growth strategy regarding to Playstation issues. Son has been focused on Playstation and developed it perpetually. The company used Compact Disc(CD) instead of cartridge so that decrease the costs. Thereafter, with the move that Sony added the DVD  player property to the Playstation the riva companies became of secondary competence, so to say. Sony also used 3D technology in their consoles. With all of these Sony has awaken the people’s interest.MARKET DEVELOPMENTCompany enters the new market with same product in the market development strategy. Company use strategy to  increase sales.   DIVERSIFICATIONCompanies enters new market with new product in diversification strategy. Sony walkman on the that part. Because when sony launched walkman there is no portable music on the market.