Starbucks Coffee Company was created in 1971 in Pike
Place Market in Seattle named Starbucks Coffee, Tea & Spices – Starbucks
coffee, tea and spices by Zev Siegl, Jerry Baldwin and Gordon Bowker .The CEO is Howard Schultz. On 1983 in a travel to Italy
Howard was very impressed with the Italian coffee bars where they provided a
place for conversation and there was a creation of a relationship between the
customers and the coffee and so he wanted to bring this tradition to the US
however the owners didn´t welcome his ideas so he created his own company which
was a big success and in 1987 he bought Starbucks and became the company CEO
and started expanding it, first in the US and then through the world.

Their goal is to sell the best quality coffee,
therefore they explore different coffee farms in Latin America, Africa and Asia
in order to find the best-quality coffee seeds. Until 30 March 2014, Starbucks
had 20,519 stores worldwide (Starbucks Company Profile, 2014) serving millions
of customers in over 70 countries which proves the adaptability of the company
and its success. Starbucks name is inspired by Moby Dick,
evoking the romance of the high seas and the seafaring tradition of the early
coffee traders. It is named after Starbuck, the first mate in Moby Dick. The
founders originally intended on naming the coffeehouse “Pequod”, after Ahab’s whaleship,
but then they though it would not be so appealing.  At the brand’s core is the Starbucks siren.
The bare-breasted, two-tailed mermaid, or siren, is intended to be as seductive
as the coffee itself. It is based on an old sixteenth-century Norse woodcut. It
started to be brown and then it became green because the CEO thought it was
more attractive. They are offering more than 30 different types of roasted coffee,
prepared in different ways caffeinated and caffeine-free drinks and teas Tazo®,
some pastry products as well (like the cookies, muffins or some specific things
in the case of Portugal). Starbucks offers seizure of coffee machines, various
product lines, and premium chocolate, a variety of coffee mugs and accessories
and gifts to music CDs. They also make fresh food: sandwiches, salads,
sandwiches, cookies, cakes, muffins, etc. Bottled Starbucks Frappuccino®,
Starbucks DoubleShot®, Starbucks® Iced Coffee, teas Tazo®, DiscoveriesTM (in
Japan and Taiwan), fresh roasted coffee, liqueurs and StarbucksTM
super premium ice creams sold outside of Starbucks outlets in supermarkets,
kiosks, petrol stations, cinemas etc. Starbucks has its own brand of
entertainment content, called Hear Music, which sells books, music and movies.
Many of the products are seasonal and depend on the location cafes. (Starbucks
Company Profile, 2014).

 Despite the
fact that they´re a worldwide company they still want to work as a small
company,  this is a management task,
without retaining this they would lose the “Starbuck experience” that they want
to provide to their customers and that differentiates them from other
companies, they are seen as company that sells high quality coffee for high
prices, a premium brand in the coffee market, their baristas  are usually very nice creating a more
intimate relationship with the customer as you give your name and it is written
on your cup, in Starbucks you are treated by your personal name, because of
this different rewarding coffeehouse experience offer with an excellent quality
and great locations  it is usual to see
people go to their stores to chat, meet up or work, because the decoration and
the way everything is disposed makes people want to spend time there being a
place of gathering and a daily routine, to enhance this experience they
decided to offer free unlimited Wi-Fi, Starbucks Digital Network and an app
that allows users to order their products before they get to the store, saving
them time in line and giving them privileges through a reward program which
gives customers a free beverage for every 12 stars earned.

In the beginning their target segment was the upper income class but
then they realized their success would depend on their ability to please mass
public. They share their specialty on coffee with the buyers through some
recipes videos they have on their YouTube channel and website. Their main
target would be young people who like to meet and talk and also workers who
don´t have a physical place to work and like to spend time in their stores
since they are so welcoming, that´s why Starbucks stores are usually near main
underground entrances or near big offices.

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