Team Building is of paramount importance in the work place or any activity that involves group of people. It is important because it is a medium for helping individuals work together better and accomplish important results. Building a team begins with creating strong groundwork for concrete teamwork while considering every team members individual styles.

Ruth Johnson pointed out that team building has been described as evolving four stages namely: Forming, storming, norming, and performing. Johnson asserted, Learning to work collaboratively must be a priority challenge for the team, especially in a school community that is fragmented or where decision making has traditionally been directed from the top down. The team must learn to recognize and manage political and interpersonal dynamics if it is to become a unified and viable body that can provide leadership for whole-school reform” (p. 56) An example of evolution of a team at Staples stemmed from initial customer research on small business expenditures.

This research leads the staples to invest heavily in marketing and started to form a five-man team each had “their own primary spheres of responsibility, but they all worked very closely together” (p. 2) The first sign of evolution of team building with this team came during the most critical condition of the company. The article noted, “On more than one occasion, Krasnow and his team had been able to save the company” (p. 3). This collective effort reflects the development of team building as well as the team’s evolution towards having teamwork.

As stated above, teamwork is important because it helps individuals work better along with others and accomplish positive results. This proves to be true with Staples. They had developed team building and teamwork through their seven o’clock in the morning daily meeting and consultations during lunch, making every decision corporately. This daily meetings and working lunch, establish their bonding enabling everyone to understand and consider each other’s individual styles, and to learn to work collaboratively which are an essential element of teamwork and team building.

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Three elements that was present and necessary for the evolution of that team The first element that was present and necessary for the evolution of this team is the occasion for which they could learn individual styles and each other’s personality. A team must learn to recognize and manage individual preferences and political and interpersonal dynamics for it to evolve as a team that can provide tangible achievements. All these are obviously seen during the most crucial situation in which they displayed high levels of cooperative and collective effort in coming with a solution to the problem.

The level of trust and confidence with each other particularly with team leadership reflects the team evolution. This is important because they learn to value and respect each other’s idea based on the understanding of the individual styles. Second is, they share the same goals. This was manifested by their cooperative effort in resolving the crises that the company has experience during the initial stage of its operation, despite of the initial failure they experience. The success of this effort certainly builds their confidence and trust with each other, which is very important component of team evolution. Third is team leadership.

This is the most important element of team evolution, as the team leadership not only provides the direction but also provide inspirations for each team members to really work collaboratively, and cooperatively. In the case of this team, it was quite evident that Todd Krasnow’s leadership was instrumental in the team evolution through his vast experience and marketing success, which earned him the trust and confidence of his team members. The development of trust within one of those teams using three guidelines for building trust and among team members. The development of trust has been clearly exhibited by Jeanne Lewis management team.

This development was initially clouded with doubt on her capability but soon this doubt was replaced with admiration and trust. Trust can be developing based on the sincerity and commitment. Add to this is the ability to handle effectively crucial problems and difficult situation towards a concrete and positive result. Jeanne Lewis earns not only the trust of the employees under her, but also even the trust of her superiors. Jeanne proves her loyalty, her sincerity, and her commitment towards achieving growth. Development of trust also occur when one possess keen intelligence and appropriate knowledge.

The article said that Lewis won the respect of her colleagues because if her penetrating mind and strategic talents. Here trust does not simply believe on the innocence of any team member, or that he is credible person. Trust believes that one’s ability can be sufficient to accomplish big things. Initially, people under her doubted her ability but with keen intelligence and able mind, her teammate realized she really can do the job well. Her keen intelligence and strategic mind, also gain the confidence and trust of her bosses as evidenced by her consistent promotion to higher position.

Third, trust is developing when there is no hidden “ifs” or any agenda that secretly working for the benefit of somebody. Trust cannot develop under any suspicious environment but trust is developing in the atmosphere of sincere, honest, and fair environment. This include, evaluation, constructive remarked, and openness. Management Mistakes that can lead to team failures The management mistake that lead to team failure is obviously the management decision to merge with its competitor, the office depot.

The impact of this decision led to two costly turn over as Todd Krasnow and Bridget Coles announces they are leaving the company. The merger necessitated the reshuffling of personnel that eventually prove disadvantageous to Staples. The selection of Jeanne Lewis was also another serious mistake that created serious complication. Undoubtedly, Jeanne is highly qualified, however, her length of stay with company put her at a disadvantage weigh against the qualification of Coles, which as per seniority she should have been more qualified.

Bridget Cole’s promotion as vice president for advertising is virtually a floating situation as in the organizational chart, such position is non-existent, and thus, Cole’s announcement of leaving the company is understandable. The article noted that this development further unsettled the department, as one member described, “Every one felt a lot of loyalty to the old regime. There was a lot of fear and trepidation around and Todd leaving with in six months of each other, the fear, and insecurity that comes with change”. Are these mistakes occurred in Lewis marketing team?

I would say that it occurred too in Lewis Marketing team when she assumed office as director of operations for New England where she replaces twenty-five store associates in twelve-month period. The article did not mention any serious implication of Lewis action but her short stay in that position suggest either she is highly qualified to be promoted to higher office or she has to be transferred to another position to avoid employee demoralization. Jeanne own comments proves that she needed to implement strong measures to make people under her to be productive.

She said in part, “…And then I came in: I’d never run a store, never rung a register, never any of the things that they valued expertise in. And yet we had a situation where the stores weren’t performing that well, and I had to tell them to make money and grow dale” Firing people who have been there for long time just because the situation is not performing will certainly draw the same scenario with the management mistakes. Common Problems for team members that can lead to team failure

One of the common problems that led to team failure is when there is unclear agenda, which could affect them, yet they are not sure of what its effect on them. The management decision to merge with Office depot obviously was not at all clear to the management team. The management too, was not sure of what implications it will have in the team, which turned out to be a failure as it resulted to demoralizations. Four Common Problems that lead to team failure First of these problems is unwillingness to adjust to sudden developments.

Second, is an established pride that has been maintained, they would react negatively if things welt against their pride. Third, the personal individual style, which often they want to impose or to be done, fourth, Complexity of the situation Are these problems occurred in Lewis management team I think none of these problems occurred in Lewis management team but it does occur at the Staple. Lewis demonstrated a persuasive management approach prompting one of her staff to remark, “Jeanne’s charm could be disarming. ” Even her superior praise her for her performance.

Jeanne is highly talented management personnel and she has an impressive performance in every department position that she handled. Teams within the organization The teams in the organizations involve the marketing team or Jeanne’s team and the marketing team. The type of team for the staple The type of team appropriate for the staple is advisory team to critically evaluate possible business ventures and its impact on their management team. This advisory team will be task to be the company’s assessor and evaluator of their joint venture investment.


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