There are certain times in a person’s life when circumstances present themselves in such a fashion as to allow that person the choice between doing what is right, and what is easy. Doing what is right takes a lot more effort and usually requires for the person to stand up for his or her belief regardless of the presence of strong adversity. Such a time in my life came one typical day while I was about to have lunch at a local fast food establishment. The experience presented me with several options and I took my choice and stood by it.

It has been several years since that incident has passed but the same fast food establishment still stands today. During that time, I had ordered my typical meal of burgers and fries and was waiting to be served. The establishment was quite busy and everyone was minding his or her own business. As I sat, I inadvertently overheard a conversation that was going on in the booth behind me. There were two people talking with one of them being more dominant than the other. The dominant voice was male while the other one was female. I soon realized that what they were talking about involved abortion.

It seemed like the male was trying to get the female to have her baby aborted but she was not very in favor about the idea. I have always considered myself to be pro-life and the incident unfolding before me brought about a deep sense of anger and conviction. I was sensing that while the female was trying to refuse the male, her will was not so strong and he was imposing his upon her. The easy thing to do would have been to just ignore what was happening but my beliefs prevented me from giving in to that. Gathering my courage, I decided to stand up for what I thought was right and confront them about it.

I made them aware that I was there and said that I could not help but overhear their argument. The male, who could have been no older than 18, quickly reacted to my intrusion with hostility. However, I did not let his anger deter me and neither did I face his anger with my own. Instead I asked him politely to calm down and I addressed the woman, asking her whether she wanted to keep her baby. The girl hesitated and at that point I realized that something can be done. I proceeded to tell her about my conviction towards the preservation of life.

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How every conceived life deserved a chance to live and how the greatest injustice that a parent can commit upon his or her child is to rob that child of that chance. As I spoke, I realized that the woman was not the only one listening to me. The man who seemed so hard and cruel before, was also listening to what I had to say. Finally he asked me what they could do. They confided in me how they were both still in school and that their parents would get very angry at them. I told them that these were trivial things compared to bringing life into the world.

I suggested that they consult a social worker so that their immediate needs and concerns can be addressed and they welcomed my suggestion. After we exchanged names, they thanked me and went on their way. A year later I received a message from them through on an online community which I was registered in. They said that they were now married and that their child was 3 months old. The message brought a tear to my eyes. I am glad that I intervened and stood by my belief that day at the fast food. I know that it has made a difference.


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