Education is one very important aspect of a person’s development, especially when delivered in its correct and recommended form and for the intended purpose. Since there is so much degradation in the education sector, various goals and statutes are set to carter for specific needs of a student.

The standard based education is refers to that procedure for well managed planning, organized monitoring, sequential delivery, and in addition, proper and recognizable improvement of the academic programs where very specific and definite goals are the prerequisite towards intended assessment after the given instructions that are integrated in the curriculum framework (Tomasi, K, 2000). The standard based education incorporates what students should know and would be able to do rather than measure the student’s ability in reference and comparison to what the others have achieved.

The educational system is in a way designed to come to terms with the educational and academic needs of one child, as defined by federal regulations already clearly stated. The program is outcome based and is focused on individual student’s own This program initiates a reduction in the academic gaps between races, gender and income. Attention is thus paid to the above mentioned (Schneider RB and Barone D, 1997).

The standard based education is comprised of a framework that is non dependant of race or relative wealth, denial of student’s graduation who does not meet the standards stated, and is given Certificates of Attendance in stead of normal diploma. Individualized Educational Programs (or Plans) are mostly given to students who have been identified to have specific problems, including difficulty in learning and functioning and therefore grouped as with a special need. Others include Attention Deficit Hyperactivity, emotional disorders, mental retardation, autism, hearing impairment, visual impairment, speech impairment, and development delay.

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IEPs are reviewed per annum so that their goals are observed and to also assure the concerned that the levels of services outlined meet the child’s needs and requirements. The standards for the mathematics subject contain number of operations which is the fundamental of mathematics and teaching in first content standard. Algebra is so important and should be taught to every student so they could understand patterns, relations, and functions and to represent and analyze mathematical situations.

After every year, the IEP is developed and recommenced placement is determined to be acted upon, the child’s teachers and service providers after that are responsible to put to work and implement all learning services, modifications of various programs for supports as indicated by the individual education (Luca J and Clarkson B, 2002). The concerned Administrators have to be primarily equipped and know whatever at any particular time is necessary to meet the specified standards and provide professional progress, assets and resources to make certain that students are able to attain the prearranged standards.

The team to evaluate the student must put into consideration, the following; the student’s ability to work independently, his efficiency and effectiveness in working with 25-30 other students with whom he or she relates to, the student’s capability to perform effectively for a period of about 30 to 60 minutes, can the candidate be able to lend ears and listen to oral directions being given. Is the referred student able to answer a number of open ended questions without any problem?

The student’s ability to perform tests in the areas that he or she has already been taken through and finally, a calculator operation is inclusive (Gaustad J, 1992). The IEP should very professionally be tailored to the very student’s needs that are already outlined by the evaluationing processes and should ultimately support the teachers and related service providers to adequately understand the student’s disability and in addition, observe the ways that the disability affects the learning process.

In other words, the IEP should describe how the student learns, how the student best demonstrates that learning and the various procedures that the teachers and service providers should so as to assist the candidate learn more efficiently and effectively (Oguta, S, 2005). The goals for a specific program too, are outlined. This may include the skills that the students being taught will acquire after the practice, the general effects of the whole program to the students academic performance as a whole, and the socially as well.

Since the IEPs give the candidates the skills to Focus on quality reading, standardized writing, speaking, and mathematics emphasizing the middle schools get a boost in their students above mentioned capabilities. Included is the mastery of the various basics and development of higher-level thinking and problem solving skills (Fuchs LS, Powell SR, 2002). The specifics make it more focused on the goal earlier outlined and to meet them comprehensively. The math’s skills in the annual reports thus ride higher than the other subjects as most of the goals beam on it.

IEPs have so far assisted the middle school students in general improvement of performance; in Math and other related subjects. Since the education system first evaluates the candidate’s special needs and deficiencies, it allow for specific and more defined ways of address. The parents being a part of the evaluation team provides a good role in the student’s development and therefore is vital in the required improvement in the student’s grades in Math (Eggers JE, 1995). The annual statistics show that the various goals that were specified by the program were mostly met.

In middle schools students that were mentioned to be very hard working but have a special need, after being put into such a program, are seen to accomplish a progressive and attain a level almost equal to their peers. The pressure to meet the outlined standards is enough to make the parties involved struggle toward providing quality and relevant academic programs. The IEPs is such a complex and complicated procedure that requires a lot of dedication. It is however very effective as it addresses how a candidate learns and functions.

The program is noted to be effective after some time of implementation and complete perseverance is the in thing (Allen VL, 1976). With this put into practice, the program has produced good results since operation. Other students even after going through the program will thereafter not need the special education and will perform so excellently in Math and other subjects as well. It is therefore very important to evaluate and be able to identify the children with disabilities so that they could be supported when they are still young and in return given the opportunity to learn and compete with the standards.


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