Stage 3 (Developed Design)

5.1 BIM Execution Plan

Figure 7


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The BIM Execution
plan (BEP) is an important component of a UK level 2 BIM project. PAS 1192:2
describes a BIM execution plan (BEP) as a plan prepared by the suppliers, explaining
how aspects of information modelling of the project would be achieved. As noted
in the specification the employer (MOJ), in the process of selecting a main
contract, should request in the EIR that prospective bidders present details of
proposed approach to information management capable of demonstrating the
supplier’s planned approach, capacity and competence to meet the EIR.  As shown in Figure 7, the BEP is essentially
an instrument to describe the supply-chain’s approach to BIM and response to
the EIR. The BIM execution plan (BEP) is mainly developed in two phases, pre-
and post-contract award.


5.1.1    Pre-contract BIM Execution
plan (BEP)

The pre-contract
BEP should consist of responses of the requirements of the EIR and additional
information listed below:

A Project Implementation Plan (PIP) setting out
competence, capability and experience of potential suppliers bidding for
the project.
The projects proposed targets for collaboration and
information modelling.
Important project milestone
Project information model (PIP) strategy.

The supplier
should be responsible for verifying information produced by the supply chain,
then the pre-contract BEP should be submitted to the employer on behalf of the
whole supply chain. The Project Implementation Plan (PIP) shall include the
supply chain capability assessment form which consist of;

Supplier BIM assessment form:

The supplier BIM
assessment form gives an important technique for assessing a project member’s
BIM capability, comprehension and maturity. A template of the CPIx BIM
assessment form can be found in appendix X.

Supplier IT assessment form:

The supplier
resource assessment form, should advise the supply chain’s capability summary
and is utilized to access an organizations present information technology
capacity and capability. PAS1992-2 prompts that the form ought to be completed
by every single fitting organization within the supply chain as a major aspect
of the sub-contract procurement process. A template of the CPIx supplier IT
assessment can be found in appendix

Supplier resource assessment form:

The supplier
resource assessment form as explained int PAS 1192-2 should be used to access
the supply chain’s current resource capability and capacity. A template of the
form can be found in appendix


(Relationship between documents used to test the supply
chain’s capability and capacity)

Figure 8







5.1.2    Post-contract BIM
Execution plan (BEP)

Figure 9

delivery – post contract award award)












purpose of the post-contract BIM Execution plan (BEP) is to facilitate the
management of project delivery. The re-submitted BEP should show all relevant
members of the project team are committed to BEP. The post contract BEP should

A response to the requirements of
the employers information requirements (EIR).

A revised project information

An agreed responsibility matrix
across the supply chain.

An agreed process for
collaborating and information modelling.

master information delivery plan (MIDP).

A task information delivery plan

A template of the
post-contract BIM execution plan can be found in appendix X.


5.2                   Preparation
of MIDP, TIDP and responsibility matrix


award the importance of clarity of roles and responsibilities is important for
the management of delivery of information during the project.


            5.2.1    Master Information Delivery Plan (MIDP)

The master information
delivery plan (MIDP) is typically developed by the project delivery manager (PDM)
in conjunction with the task team manager. The MIDP is an addition of individual
task information delivery plans (TIDP), it is prepared by members of the task
team and it includes details of when information would be prepared, members
responsible for the production of information and protocols and procedures that
would be followed at stages of the project. Information which may be included
in the MIDP include:

Drawings or renditions



Equipment and schedules

Room data sheets

As advised in PAS
1192-2, following contract award, the project delivery manager should set up a
project induction meeting to develop the MIDP with reference to the members’
TIDPs. A template of the master information delivery plan can be found in appendix X.


            5.2.2    Task Information Delivery Plan (TIDP)

The task
information delivery plan (TIDP) is defined in PAS 1192-2 as a combined  list consisting of information deliverables by
each task, including format date and responsibilities.   


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