From the time their children are born, parents do their best to provide the best things for their children. They make sure that their children are healthy and have a comfortable place to live in. They teach their children until the time comes when they can talk and walk on their own. Parents also make sure that their children receive the best education they can provide. They work hard to support these children through college, and some, even through their professional lives. There is no doubt that children depend on their families for support, whether it is financial or emotional.

This is why most people feel the need to give back to their parents what they have received. There is no written rule that children have an obligation to fulfil to their parents when they get old enough. No one has imposed a rule that children are supposed to take care of their parents and give money to support them. However, it has become a tradition, especially in conservative countries where family ties are valued, that children let their parents live with them even if they have their own families to take care of.

Houses for the aged people are also not very popular to these conservative families, as they feel that it is their obligation to take care of their parents even when they are sick or too weak to do anything productive. It does not matter if they feel burdened about the situation because the fact that they are personally attending to their parents’ needs is enough. On the contrary, there are people who believe that they do not have any obligation to fulfil to their parents.

These individuals believe that it is the responsibility of the parents to raise the child they created, provide the child’s needs, and send him or her to school. They are responsible to see to it that the person they created become the best that he or she can be. Therefore, the child does not have anything to give back to the parents. The children can reach the right age and decide to leave their homes without having to worry that they are not completing their duties to their parents. It does not necessarily mean that they do not care for their parents.

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They believe that they have important duties to themselves or to their own families if they get decide to get married. Retirement homes are very popular in these areas so that old people who have families but do not have any room for them can still live comfortably. They are taken care of by caregivers or personal nurses. While there are no existing laws or rules that children need to take care of their parents when they reach maturity, it is always important to remember that without parents, these children would not exist or even achieve what they have become.

Even if children are not obliged to give any thing back to the people who raised them, they should still at least respect and love their parents. With this respect and love comes concern for their welfare when they get old. No one wants to be alone even if they are living with other people. Although parents do not say it, they would still want to live with their families and be taken care of by those who know them. Children do not have to give money to their parents but they could at least make sure that their parents still have something to eat everyday and have access to basic necessities like a comfortable home and clothes.


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