Species of Special Concern

 The Algonquin Wolf, also known as the Timber
wolf, Eastern wolf or Deer wolf’s status is threatened. According to Assinewe,
(09/30/17) this wolf normally feeds on White Tailed deer, Beavers, and occasionally Moose. The Algonquin wolf is also
considered to have an intermediate size with reddish brown fur.the Algonquin Wolf
faces many threats and fears. “As a big game hunter, the Eastern Wolf came into
conflict with farmers as they settled (in) eastern North America” (Assinwe
09/30/17). The Algonquin wolf obviously didn’t make a good impression when it
decided to settle in eastern North America. The prospect of possibly having
your livestock eaten up during the night didn’t seem too pleasing to the
farmers, so the wolves were hunted down for revenge. This is what caused an
early endangerment for the Algonquin wolves. There is approximately a total of
500 Algonquin wolves left in Canada (Wolves Ontario n.d.). That number is not nearly
high enough. “The Algonquin wolf’s threatened
state lies largely as a result of loss of habitat through forest clearance and
farmland development” (Promoting Wolf Conservation n.d.).  This is yet another way that humans have
threatened this species.  “Habitat loss and fragmentation associated with
road networks and urbanization is expected to continue outside protected areas
and likely will deter population expansion” (Species Profile, 01/03/18). The
problem does not look like it will be solved soon, due to the building of more
road networks. Roadkill is another problem with the installation of new road
networks. Another problem is, according to Rutledge, (n.d.) is that the Eastern
coyote, and the Algonquin wolf are impossible to tell apart just by looks. This
has caused many people to question if they are hybrids, part Eastern coyote and
part Grey wolf. The truth is, the Eastern wolf is a separate species ( Miller 08/03/15).
So why does this relate to the threatened state of the Algonquin wolf? Well, “coyotes
can be hunted and trapped at anytime in the year, with no bag limit” (Miller
08/03/15). Since the Eastern coyote and the Algonquin wolf look very much the
same, hunters could very well be taking home an Algonquin wolf, instead of an Eastern


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