About 40 years ago, Special Olympics has started changing the lives of people with intellectual disabilities by engaging them in sports and recreational activities which give them the sense of fulfillment and encouragement that they will not normally receive in their hidden and secluded areas (The Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. Foundation, 2010). With its noble goals and pure intentions, Special Olympics has evolved from being a simple backyard summer camp to a global movement but it still has a number of factors to consider to further widen its coverage and to be able to serve more intellectually disabled people. In order to fulfill these goals, the leaders of this nonprofit organization must consider relationships, special events, and marketing and public relations in their overall marketing approach.

Relationships are key

Being a non-profit organization; Special Olympics must make the most use out of close relationships in order to maximize their fund-raising capabilities. Deemed to be the “key” to “development,” relationships with potential contributors who are also concerned with the ideologies of the Special Olympics organization must be the primary goal of the organization (Smith, Bucklin & Associates, Inc., 2000, pp.98-99). Building strong ties with people whom you share common interests with and are capable to financially support the plans of the group is one of the best ways to help Special Olympics achieve its goals.

Special Events

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These are the activities that can be organized by the members of the Special Olympics in order to present to the community the achievements of the institution, budget parameters, audience expectations, target sponsors, and the general status of the group (Smith, Bucklin & Associates, Inc., 2000, p. 148). This kind of social gathering can be exploited by Special Olympics for them to attain popularity and recognition, an event that will signify increased contributions, sponsorship, and heightened participation rate from citizens with intellectual disabilities.

Marketing and Public Relations

The utilization of a clear and interesting marketing plan followed by an effective public promotion and subsequent public relations strategies comprise an ideal overall marketing plan (Smith, Bucklin & Associates, Inc., 2000, p. 156). If the coordinators of Special Olympics will integrate the said activities in their plans then it is likely for them to achieve higher approval rating from interested contributors and further improve to become a better organization.


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