Every child has a right to education; there should be no discrimination on those with disability and special needs. Special needs and mentally handicapped educational outlets play a great role in the American society. Financing of these learning institutions has been a Herculean task as government has not been very committed towards their financing when compared to the other elementary schools. With the passage of the education for all special needs and mentally handicapped children Act, services and related program have become an important component of public education in this country.

What remains is the government commitment towards funding all the aspects of this education especially the outlets. The government should step up its effort towards financing of the special needs and mentally handicapped children. (Robson, M 2003 154) There has been a discrepancy on the number of services and programs components of special education and budgetary allocations. Majority of the Americans are of the opinion that there has been too little spending in this education sector compared to the other elementary education.

There are many programs that have been implemented to cater for the educational needs of this population but the funding has been minimal such that some of the services offered under this program are not quality. This ends up compromising the quality of education children under these systems. This is a clear indication that the government should offer enough financial assistance to this program so that children under this system can benefit fully. (Meijer, C 1999 145)

Research carried out found out that despite the fact that this sector being the most regulated it similarly the heavily under funded of all the federal education systems. According to the National Association Boards of education act government is supposed to provide forty percent of the funding. This has not been forthcoming since according to the latest federal government estimates only eighteen percent of the cost has been provided. Most of the funding comes from the state and local governments. There has not been enough funding for program.

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Government needs to fund the program fully as stipulated in the law so that the program can be a success. Funds need to be increased so that the activities can be fully funded. One of the most crucial areas is the training of the teachers; more are needed to cater for the increased children with special needs. These teachers must be well trained so that they can be in a position to teach the concerned children. For such training to be implemented enough funding must be availed by the government.

This should be one of the most important undertakings as it will ensure quality education is offered (Bursztyn, A 2007 22) Special education expenses have increased tremendously therefore funding should also be increased to meet the needs of these children. There needs to be enough facilities to cater for the increased number of children who are in need of these services. Government has the responsibility to avail enough facilities for teaching as these children require specialized attention which can only be offered using special facilities.

This needs a lot of funds which has not been forthcoming for a long time. This has been as a result of under funding of the outlets where only a small percentage of the required money has been availed. Underfunding has led to poor services which have hampered the development of this category of education. (Reynolds, C 1990 1514) The law requires that the students to be placed in special environment which is least restrictive, this requires the teachers must have a close relationship with the parents in order to come up with an individualized program which caters for the special need of the student.

This system is more demanding than the normal education as it requires specialized system. Such a system needs facilities which have to be operated by people who have been trained on how to handle student with needs. The law mandates that standard education must be provided to the students to put them at par with the other children. The law is very clear as far as funding is concerned, it is also stipulates on who should offer what at a given time. The government has the responsibility to offer the necessary services to the special needs children as the citizens of United States.

Failure to offer the required services should challenge at all levels as it represents Failure on the part of the government. (Macht, J 1998 3) Special needs and mentally handicapped education outlets have been under funded for long due to the government failure to meet the mandatory requirement by the law. The law requires the federal government to fund the program to the fullest with state and local government only coming in to fill the gaps. If the government performs its role quality education and services which are required by the children with the special needs will provided through out the period.

There has to be a concerted effort on the federal government to ensure that education for the people with special needs is not compromised as this will be tantamount to denying them their basic needs. Everybody has a right to education and in the American case quality services which will ensure that these children become responsible people in the future. The stakeholders are mandated to pressure the government to honor its obligation as stipulated in our laws. It’s only through such measures that all will be provided with a means to a better life.


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