Space exploration isn’t
a waste of time

I agree that
space exploration isn’t a waste of time. I believe this because the world is
always growing and although it might take a long time but soon enough there
won’t be enough room for everyone to live. Also our knowledge on other planets
become much greater as we put space rovers on all of the planets they also
teach us the landscape and other statistics about the planets. They’re there to
be explored not ignored

 The money spent on space exploration could
also fix the third world debit catastrophe several times. with saying that I
also believe that we should fix our own world’s problems before exploiting
another. Money shouldn’t be the biggest problem that our world is facing, if it
was then military funds should decrease I saw this because 1 570 000 000 000
dollars has been put towards military worldwide. 900 000 000 000 dollars has
been put towards space exploration. A con about space exploration is that it is
very risky, lots of things can go wrong such as: space craft’s being hit by asteroids
run out of food, water and oxygen.

 Other planets also hold traits for us to use
lots of asteroids have metals that are quite rare on earth like platinum,
titanium and gems the moon has helium 3 which can be used to expand solar
panels, Neptune can be exploited for its diamonds in the air. With these resources
NASA could sell them and fix a bit of the money issue. If we stop developing
space exploration then we won’t have a place to go in case of an apocalypse.  NASA provides over 18 000 jobs generating 1.3
billion dollars in annual economic activity. By exploring space scientists will
be able to find other sources of energy almost like fossil fuels except in
other planets. Solar energy is already being used to provide electricity to
homes. Also the growing amount of home batteries is increasing. With some help
of exploring space they can also find ways to learn much more about the
possibility of the Earth replicating solar energy to be used in different places
and different situations.                      

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